How to support indie music during lockdown

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Buy music instead of streaming

When you stream a song by your favorite artist, the fee they receive from your subscription is a pittance. It's better than piracy which gives them nothing. However, song or album sales still provide artists with higher income. So buying an alb

Participate in an online event


More and more artists are now devoting their creativity to online events. And if you think it's just a still camera in front of the stage where the band is playing, you're in for a surprise. New generation directors have put a lot of creativity into it. Sometimes online concerts are effectively streamed from real life, and that has its charm.


But if the band uses purely virtual elements to enhance the performance, it can look fantastic. Along with exotics (like virtual backgrounds or real-time filters) it can be pure chat. It's good for rap, for example: while one MC drops a verse, Latest album another can look at the phone, look at the questions and answer them. A jazz session can also give musicians a break. The same privilege is enjoyed by DJs who have precious seconds between mixing tracks. It can be more difficult for rock or jazz bands, but their performance becomes much more rewarding if it is properly rehearsed.


Exercise with us


The physical items that artists sell can keep them afloat and give you tangible satisfaction. As you spend more time at home, why not take your audiophilia to the next level? A vinyl player costs as much as the new AirPods Pro, but if you're still working remotely and working out in your newly built gym, vinyl will give you more kicks. A cassette player will give you retro vibes, especially if your favorite band makes 90s style music like gangsta rap or canonical grunge.


The same goes for merchandise: t-shirts, baseball caps, posters and stickers. You can also get digital bonuses when you order them. These can be tickets to online concerts, early access to new releases or exclusive B-sides, remixes and sessions.


Give and claim


Some fans might think that donating certain amounts to artists is enough. Surprisingly, however, it does not motivate. Most animals, including humans (but not cats), prefer to be rewarded for doing some work rather than nothing at all. So sending money to artists is required, but musicians are motivated by your need for their music and show.