Pros and cons of learning during a pandemic

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Pros and cons of learning during a pandemic

Since the distance learning became the predominant method of learning during the pandemic, it was he who determined the advantages and disadvantages of learning.

So, with distance learning:

- you can master educational programs from anywhere where you have access to the Internet and a smartphone;

- saves time on the road to school;

- it is much easier to combine study with work or other activities;

- the training schedule becomes more individual, the student can devote more time to issues that interest him more than others;

- students are provided with a wider range of educational materials, in addition to the traditional lectures of the teacher.

All these are the undoubted advantages of studying during a pandemic. However, the remote format also has its drawbacks:

- lack of "live communication" with the teacher and fellow students, limited opportunities for discussion, exchange of opinions;

- conducting laboratory work, creative activities, etc. very limited, since the use of specialized equipment is excluded;

- it is difficult for students to independently organize the learning process, the motivation for learning decreases;

- not all educational materials are subject to digitization and can be posted on the Internet (for example, in the so-called "closed" disciplines containing information about state secrets).

The list of pros and cons of distance learning is actually much wider, but taking into account the highlighted key characteristics of this format, recommendations from freeessaywriters can be made for students to improve the effectiveness of their learning during a pandemic.