How to transfer funds from Coinbase wallet to Pro Coinbase wallet?

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Coinbase Pro it means that it is related to Coinbase in some way. If you're thinking the same way, then you're absolutely right!

When you hear the word "Coinbase Pro", it means that it is related to Coinbase in some way. If you're thinking the same way, then you're absolutely right!

Pro Coinbase is a crypto exchange with advanced features and a variety of trading options. It is owned by Coinbase Global and designed for experienced crypto traders who participate regularly in the crypto economy.

Well! It not enough. Some of the key traits that make it unique and reliable include its support of nearly 100 cryptocurrencies, its availability on both desktop and mobile devices, and its high-end security features.

Enough about Pro Coinbase, let me elaborate on the high point of this blog post- A complete guide to transfer mone from Coinbase to a Pro Coinbase account. Let begin.

Approach to transfer funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro

Even though Coinbase and Coinbase Pro accounts are linked, they have separate wallets. Transfer of funds from Coinbase to the Pro Coinbase wallet doesn't cost anything. You can deposit money into Coinbase by going to the Portfolios page on the Pro Coinbase mobile app and tapping Deposit in the top right-hand corner.

Follow the steps given below to transfer money from your Coinbase wallet to your Pro Coinbase wallet:

Visit the trading page for Coinbase Pro.

Pick Deposit” from the Wallet Balance menu, then a pop-up window will be prompted.

Choose the currency type such as BTC or ETC, with which you want to fund the Pro Coinbase wallet from Coinbase.

Proceed further by selecting to "Coinbase account” button.

Enter the numbers of amount that you want to transfer from Coinbase to Pro. Please be aware that you can only add money that is available in your Coinbase wallet to deposit.

Click Deposit present at the bottom of your window.

Yes! You have successfully completed the fund transferring procedure easily.

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Coinbase offers two different trading platforms - Coinbase and Coinbase Pro - each with its own advantages. Whereas Coinbase is good to go with beginners as it has quite easy-going interface, Pro Coinbase is well-suited to experienced crypto traders because of its advanced trading features.

Well, I have given detailed guidance to transfer your funds from the Coinbase wallet to the Pro Coinbase wallet. Hope you have understood thoroughly and found this write-up helpful for you. Good Luck, Enjoy Investing.