Make a smart move with Coinbase Advanced Trade

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Coinbase offers simple and advanced trading. Advanced trading is for experienced traders and is subject to the Trading Rules. Fees on the two platforms vary. To know more visit us at

The news might have flashed on your mobile that the Coinbase Pro is about to shut down and will be replaced by advanced trade. The headline has surely left you astonished amid several questions popping up in your mind.

Undoubtedly, Coinbase Pro delivered a great service to its users at a comparatively low fee. But, to meet the increasing expectations of the investors the organization decided to shut down Pro and get it replaced by, having in-built advanced trading tools in it.

Can you do advanced trading on Coinbase?

If you are an experienced crypto investor and are looking to level up your trade journey, then Coinbase has come forward with This platform offers you some advanced trading tools that let you function the crypto-related activities in a secure and easier manner.

The advanced trading tools comprise interactive charts, order limits, and many other tools to do a comprehensive study of the same and then make the next move relating to it. 

How do I use advance trade on Coinbase?

For migrating to advanced trade, you’ll have to do nothing extra. Simply, go for the Coinbase exchange and from there, you’ll be redirected to the “Advanced Trade”. If you face any issues reaching the mentioned one, you can simply go to to embark on your trade journey.

Furthermore, it gives you access to real-time market information via interactive charts, order books, etc. you can even look back at the trade history, analyze the market movement, and on that ground, you can make the next move.

Is Coinbase advanced better than Coinbase Pro?

Coinbase Pro Login is getting replaced by and the new one will carry all the benefits of the Pro platform. In addition to this, advanced trade is built by adding some advanced trading tools to give the experienced crypto player an exceptional trading experience with the goal of taking the crypto trade to the next level. 

With its advanced lineaments, the new platform will charge the same fee from its customers as was charged earlier by the Pro exchange. Overall, we can conclude that advanced trade is an improvement over the existing one and is committed to delivering better crypto services.

Can you set automatic trades on Coinbase?

Yes, Coinbase offers its users to enjoy automatic trade for recurring purchases. You can even de-activate this service if you don’t wish to continue the automatic trade. 

The steps to be followed to access automatic recurring buys are as follows:

  1. Login into your Coinbase mobile app
  2. On the home page, tap on “Buy” (+)
  3. Choose the asset you are willing to buy
  4. Enter the following details:
  • Amount of the crypto to purchase
  • Mode of payment 
  • Number of times you wish to repeat the purchase
  1. Hit on “Preview Buy” “Buy Now”

Bottom Line is an improvement to deliver a transparent and secure crypto trade experience by offering several advanced trading tools to investors that help them in making sound trade decisions. 

In a nutshell, it is an approach to risk management and customer protection.