Man in custody for murdering her wife and interring her in Kerala

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Man in custody for murdering her wife and interring her in Kerala

By The  Republic Aeon Web Desk: In August 2021, a man in Ernakulam, Kerala, killed and buried his wife there. After a one-and-a-half-year investigation, officials from the police arrested him. He had informed locals and relatives that she had escaped with another person. a woman died, that her husband killed her and buried her in the courtyard of their Njarackal house.

Even in February of last year, the accused had filed a complaint claiming that his wife had vanished.

On Thursday, the accused, 48-year-old Sajeev Arakkaparambil of Edavanakkad, was taken into custody. The man, according to the police, had killed his wife Ramya six months before he reported her missing to the police. The accused has been arrested on charges of murder and evidence destruction.

In a nutshell, a man was apprehended in Kerala for the murder of his wife. He was apprehended by police with sufficient evidence 18 months after the crime. He had buried her in his house and claimed that she had fled with someone else. A man from Kerala was arrested for killing and burying his wife on the property of his home nearly a year and a half ago. Sajeev, the accused, was taken into custody by the Njarakkal police from his home in Ernakulam.

Ramya, Sajeev#39;s wife, had vanished in August 2021. In February 2022, he reported someone missing to

the police in Njarakkal. A special police team conducted a scientific investigation before Sajeev was apprehended.

When he pretended to be unaware of anything, the team was keeping a close eye on him. After a year of surveillance, the team was able to gather enough evidence to charge him, and he was taken into custody.

The initial information indicates that the victim, Ramya, was brutally murdered following a phone call- based argument with her husband, Sajeev.

After that, Sajeev had buried her close to the house and spent the next year and a half there. After telling his family and the locals that his wife had eloped with someone else, the accused was getting ready for his next marriage.

The woman#39;s remains were discovered close to the sitting area of quot;the housequot; during the police investigation. Sajeev was arrested for murder and evidence destruction on the basis of this and other Evidence.

The house where the body had been buried was where the man had been staying. The body#39;s remains were exhumed on Thursday from near the house#39;s sit-out. The initial finding, according to the police, was that he had strangled her to death. An autopsy and chemical analysis of the body#39;s remains will be performed.

Ramya had not been seen since at least August 2021, according to the police. In February, the man filed the complaint. He made it appear as though she had eloped with her lover to others.

However, a specialized team that was put together to investigate the case was keeping an eye on things and gathering evidence. According to the police, initial investigations show that the man was suspicious of his wife. According to police, he used to argue with her about her phone calls.

The man returned home on the day of the crime to find his wife talking on the phone. He grabbed her phone out of her hands as he became irritated. An officer stated, quot;He attacked her and strangled her after the wife confronted him.quot; The police took him into custody and questioned him after finding circumstantial evidence.

The teenagers were staying with their mother#39;s family, according to the police, and the couple was said to have a son and a daughter. When he was arrested, the accused was reportedly planning another marriage. Vivek Kumar, the new Ernakulam Rural district police chief, ordered additional questioning of accused after reviewing the case file.