National Girl Child Day celebrates on 24 January 2023

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National Girl Child Day celebrates on 24 January 2023

By Republic Aeon Web Desk: National Girl Child Day is observed nationwide on January 24. In 2008, the Ministry of Women and Child Development created this day. The purpose of National Female Child Day is to draw attention to the discrimination and unfairness experienced by female children. The Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Indian government began it in 2008 to bring attention to the inequities females experience in Indian society. Activities to mark the occasion include raising awareness of Save the Girl Child, child sex ratios, and creating a safe and healthy environment for girls. 2023 National Girl Child Day: Importance

National Girl Child Day is intended to raise awareness of a girl's rights, support the country's girl children, abolish gender biases, and highlight the value of education, health, and nutrition, according to the women and child development ministry. Numerous celebrations honouring females are held nationwide as part of the national holiday. This day aims to alter people's perceptions about girls so that they can value and respect them. In actuality, the government has made a number of efforts to achieve the goals of National Girl Child Day.

Objective of  the National Girl Child Day 2023

To create awareness among people to protect and raise child children with equality in terms of education, health and other opportunities in life.

To promote the idea of the elimination of any form of discrimination against the child children at home or outside world.

To accept child children and welcome them into homes and live with respect and love and abandon the evil ideology of killing gild children in the womb and female infanticide.

To educate people at large about the importance of girl children and the declining sex ratio in India and eventually to change their mindset.

To create a safe environment for girls to live safely inside and outside their homes.

National Girl Child Day 2023: History

In 2008, National Girl Child Day was established by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the injustices that girls experience in Indian society. The main aim of the day is to raise awareness of the disparities that girls face in a variety of areas, including education, employment, clothing, and others.

The Indian government has made a lot of efforts throughout the years to change this and improve the lives of women. Save the Girl Child, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, subsidised or free education for girls, and many other programmes and campaigns are being undertaken for the development of girls.