How to choose a sports betting strategy with minimal risk - 5 simple steps

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If you are aiming for long-term profit, then you will have to develop a strategy yourself. Most likely, it will be a combined strategy based on the analysis of the future event and the selection of the most profitable coefficients.

Especially for beginners - a step-by-step algorithm.

Step 1. We decide on the game bank
One professional handicapper, when I asked him about game strategies and sports betting tricks, answered me with a question - "What kind of game bank do you have?". When I said which one, he just smiled. And added: "This is not enough. We need 10 times more."

Conclusion: the game bank should be big. More than you think. Otherwise, the net profit from the game (professionals call this ROI) will be negligible, if at all.

Step 2. We choose bookmakers
Those who play on the strategy of arbitrage bets have accounts in dozens of foreign and domestic offices. For playing with other strategies, 2-3 reliable bookmakers with high odds and decent limits are enough.

Roskomnadzor periodically blocks offices that accept bets without a Russian license. But no one forbids the players themselves to play in such establishments. True, if there are problems with withdrawing the won money, it will be more difficult to achieve justice. So it is better for beginners to play in licensed BCs.

Step 3. We compare the coefficients of bookmakers
Incomes will be more if you bet on the most profitable coefficient. Newbies sometimes think that the difference of one-tenth of the coefficient is not fundamental - the main thing is that the bet plays.

This is a fundamentally wrong approach. Tenths and even hundredths of the coefficients ultimately give a significant advantage. So you should not give profit to bookmakers if there is an opportunity not to do this.

Step 4. Select the coefficients
After you have compared the odds, make a bet. If your strategy is to bet on favorites, bet well before the start of the competition. If you bet on outsiders, do the opposite. Before the start of the event, "Kefs" tend to sag depending on the amount of cash flows and other factors.

Step 5. We apply the strategy
The bet itself may or may not play. Do not get attached to individual results if you bet according to the strategy. Professionals are completely calm about losing - they know that the effectiveness of the game can only be judged from a distance.

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