GGG said that Path of Exile will receive an update, but still hopes that The Forbidden Sanctum version will be kept

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As one of the RPG games representing the Diablo style, Path of Exile has won unanimous praise from players since they released it on PC and other platforms in October 2013. The 3.20 version of Path of Exile is an excellent addition.

For a long-standing hardcore role-playing game, its unique game mechanics have attracted many fans after introducing a series of Expansions in its rocklike dungeon Forbidden Temple. In 3.20, dungeons will appear selectively during the player’s upgrade process. Players will see themselves moving forward in a completely random dungeon. This gameplay draws on the elements of rocklike games, so that the character selected by the player will plan a route, and according to the player’s operation instructions, the corresponding increase and decrease buffs are obtained. This mode is so novel that GGG doesn’t want to discard this gameplay in version 3.21.

Each Expansion of Path of Exile will run for about three months, and with version 3.21 approaching, it means that we are coming to the end of the journey of The Forbidden Sanctum version. It also means that the game mechanism of version 3.20 will be rotated to pave the way for the next Expansion.

“Although The Forbidden Sanctum will not be the core of the next Expansion, we can see that players love this mechanism. Compared with some players who like the base game, this gameplay is very tasteless, so we want to make it The game mechanic is in a position that is a need among players but is not fully focused on this mechanic, and then integrated into the game.” GGG said.

GGG added, “Because we are doing a lot of things for version 3.21, such as the optimization of Passive Tree, and the rectification of POE Currency in version 3.21. Exalted Orb was the major currency before. Compared with before, Divine Orb may More advantages. Of course, Mirror of Kalandra has no major changes. So, for the rework of Sanctum, we have no plans for this at the moment.”

For version 3.21, we may not get a specific understanding. Therefore, if you want to know more information, follow POECurrency to get more information about the new version.