Gap and Gucci got Golden Goose in on the trend

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In this way, we have taken another step towards making our collection even more sustainable. Nothing human is alien to the new spirit of fashion, the trend researcher concluded, foreshadowing an exciting and provocative Spring Summer 2024 season. So too our freedom. The idea is that Highsnobiety will use their fantastic expertise to advise us on the development of our range, but above all on curation and content development. "We started with 'What does the planet need?' But we had to turn to the consumer for their power." He lists bluefish tuna, elephants, whales, all species that humans actually want to keep around but whose populations have been critically harmed due to consumer behavior.

The roots of the Berlin brand Avenir also lie in the textile port: founder and designer Sophie Golden Goose Sale Claussen worked as a helper at the material pool. In a report on Paris Fashion Week, the firm, which assesses the media impact value MIV of events, said the spectacle generated a MIV of 26.3 million dollars within 48 hours, including 20.9 million dollars on social media. "Invasives operate at such densities they can't be corraled, and governments even in the most developed nations are completely overwhelmed," argues Salatino.

Brands such as Kardo from New Delhi, Bode from NYC, England's SS Daly, and Indian-Canadian Norblack Norwhite all occupy this field. The experience convinced her that she could carve out a new space in the category, in fact compelled her to do so. Initially Lively's growth was fueled by an army of online ambassadors, real people wearing the product in relatable ways, rather than a parade of idealized supermodels on a glittering runway. While the likes of Balmain, Gap and Gucci got Golden Goose in on the trend, either through collaborations or platform unveilings, other fashion companies were instead tackling the drawbacks that come from ownership within the digital world.