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http://www.siliconelamp.com/ni....ght-light/panda-ligh Panda Light factory Panda Led Light Panda Led Light is also knowns as panda led lamp, panda night light, panda silicone lamp, panda light lamp. Panda touch silicone lamp provides with its warm soft light for a cozy, calming and lit ambience in your daily life area. Panda silicone night light is made of BPA-free silicon to give a comfortable soft touch with no dangerous sharp edges. Cute panda lamp is used for lighting, gift, toy and so on. Panda lamp is very popular for kids and adults with its attractive design and functional workmanship. Panda Led Light Design Guide Panda LED light is consists of light switch, silicone shell, charging port and LED board(power switch, timer power, power indicator, LED wire). Here is the main introduction of silicone shell. Silicone shell is made by compression molding, surface treatment, silkscreen printing and other processes. Panda Led Lamp Compression Molding process Panda led light is made of high elastic, nontoxic silicone rubber compounds that can be massive produced by compression or injection molding. Considering the cost of compression molding tooling less than injection molding tooling. Panda lamp is generally producted by compression molding. A key factor should be considered in the molding process is hardness. The hardness is best to choose 30A-85A, if it is lower than 30A, the defective rate is higher and the product cost is more expensive. If it is higher than 85A, the silicone is hard and easily broken. After the silicone body, hands and plastic eyes have been processed, stick the three parts by the appropriate amount of adhesive, pressing to hold them in place. Panda Night Light Surface Treatment Process In order to protect the surface of the panda night lamp, have dustproof and improve the life of light panda, silicone panda lamp general needs to do surface treatment: matte smooth coating, PU coating, epoxy coating. Usually, PU or hand-feeling oil makes the life of the silicone surface longer and dustproof. Epoxy treatment makes panda silicone night light more beautiful. Panda Silicone Lamp Silkscreen Printing Process First, making the printing tool, and mix the ink, then put silicone parts on the positioning tool, and start printing, in order to make the printing result thicker & more beautiful, need printing on the surface twice. Panda Light factory website:http://www.siliconelamp.com/ni....ght-light/panda-ligh