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http://www.ttd-steel.com/metal....-packaging/tin-free- Custom Tin Free Steel Tin free steel roll since the promotion to China in the 80s, has been in a hovering state, until 2000 years later to be commonly used, and even in this year there will be tin free steel prices than tin-plated expensive situation, the reason is that tin free steel in the processing performance of the printed iron coating is significantly better than tin-plated. With the widespread use of tin free steel, especially in the bottle cap, tin free steel is more attention to its characteristics are: (1) The substrate of the can-making process and corrosion resistance performance and tinplate substrates the same. (2) Coating processing, do not have to consider the molten tin problem like tinplate, can use a higher baking temperature, improve the printing and coating production efficiency. (3) Adhesion to the coating film, better than tinplate. (4) The surface is a very thin layer of chromium metal and hydrated chromium oxide layer, the thickness is only about 1% of the tin tin layer. Therefore, it is extremely easy to rust. Therefore, without coating processing, there is no practical value of tin free steel. Tin free steel is tinplate where Sn (tin) is the plating, tinplate is also called tin-plated iron tinplate is the common name for tin-plated thin steel plate, the English abbreviation for SPTE, is a cold-rolled low-carbon thin steel plate or strip plated with commercial pure tin on both sides. Tin mainly plays a role in preventing corrosion and rusting. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and aesthetic appearance of tin in a material that is corrosion resistant, non-toxic, strong and ductile.Custom Tin Free Steel website:http://www.ttd-steel.com/metal....-packaging/tin-free-