Diablo 4: How To Farm Gallowvine (& its Use)

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Gallowvine is a magical plant in Diablo 4 used to craft potions, elixirs, and incense.

For Season 1 of Diablo 4, many new quests have come packed in. After completing them, players can obtain many useful items. The first quest of the Season Journey requires you to collect 15 Gallowvine Herbs. This is an herb that can be found anywhere in Sanctuary. Since it is one of the most commonly used materials for crafting consumables, we recommend that players collect as many of them as possible. Here's how to farm and use it!

How to farm Gallowvine?

Gallowvines prefer colder climates and wooded areas, so you can find them in the Forgotten Peaks and Scosglen regions of Sanctuary. You can explore there on foot or horseback, and killing the mobs there will drop Gallowvines and other items.

Diablo 4 also provides players with many side quests to choose from, completing them to randomly drop extra items. Gallowvine can also be farmed by completing side quests, such as opening herb caches to have a chance to get it.

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In addition, players can also use other herbs to make Gallowvine at the Alchemist. If you collect a lot of extra Diablo 4 Items For Sale while exploring the dungeon. In addition to selling them for gold, they can also be used to craft other materials. You just need to spend some gold at the Alchemist to get the desired item.

How to use Gallowvine?

We all know that health potions are essential in battle. Upgrading the health potions requires a certain amount of gold and Gallowvines. If you level up the Alchemist, you can get more powerful potions. In addition to health potions, it is one of the main ingredients for crafting other consumables, such as Incense and Elixirs. These items will make it easier for you to progress through dungeons in hardcore mode.

All in all, Gallowvine is extremely important in the game, and it's well worth taking some time farming them. Upgrading your potions with them and D4 Gold can make your journey even smoother.

We suggest players buy Gold to upgrade the potions, which can make the journey smoother.