How do I contact with Facebook chat support?

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If you require any help from Facebook chat support, they did not respond to your issue. You can use the other available options on Facebook. When you use different ways, you can raise the query and get the solution from Facebook as soon as possible. 


Ways to Communicate with Can i talk to a live person at Facebook?

Here are some ways to communicate with Facebook:

  1. Chat Support.

Chat support is only available for business users. If you have an account on Facebook related to the business, you can ask for a query on chat support. Follow the steps:

  1. Open your Facebook. 

  2. Enter your email id and password. 

  3. Click on the setting option. 

  4. Under the setting option, click on help center. 

  5. Under the help center, you must click on the chat option. 

  6. You can enter the issue. 

  7. Facebook will respond to your query as soon as possible.

  8. Contact Number.

You can use the Facebook contact number. To use the Facebook contact number, you should have the contact number. For this, you can follow the process:

  1. Open Facebook. 

  2. Enter your required details and log in to the account. 

  3. Click on the three dots on the right side of Facebook. 

  4. Click on the setting option. 

  5. Select the help center and click on the contact us option. 

  6. Dial this official number-650-543-4800. 

  7. Hear out the IVR commands carefully. 

  8. Once you reach out to the representative, you can raise the query, and you will get a solution to your query. 


Connect Facebook on Social Media.

If you want to chat with Facebook support, you can connect with Facebook on social media platforms. You can raise the query on their business pages and get the solution. 


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