Looking to Manage folders in AOL Mail- here are the ways

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The email service came into existence with the birth of the Internet.

Emails have occupied a crucial space in our daily professional lives. To convey any information you’ll have to take the help of an email, especially in organizations. The email service came into existence with the birth of the Internet. We will be discussing one of the oldest and most well-reputed free email services- AOL mail.

Are you stressed with the avalanche of emails in your inbox section?

Sit tight, here are some of the ways which will help you to organize all your inbox emails with mail aol.com. Below, in this article, we will be looking at the steps to create a new folder, delete an existing one, and rename a folder created earlier.

Steps to create and rename a folder in AOL

Let’s begin by creating a folder first. The steps to be followed in this are mentioned below:

  1. Launch the AOL app
  2. Tap on the “Plus” icon on the left side of the page next to the “Folder” option
  3. In the text box, enter the name of the folder that you want to create
  4. Hit on the “Plus” icon to save the file

With this, you have created a new folder for your emails without much time involved.

Moving to the next section, we will learn the steps to rename a folder that has been created earlier. There are situations where you’ll have to change the name of an existing folder, to know the steps for the same kindly go through the below-mentioned process:

  1. Bang on the “Settings” below the “Folders” option in the left panel
  2. Enter the new name of the file in the relevant box
  3. Bang on the “Save” option and you have renamed the folder successfully

How to delete an existing folder?

  1. Navigate to the “Settings” icon
  2. Tap on “Delete”
  3. A pop-up will be displayed on the screen for confirmation
  4. Hit the “OK” tab to confirm the same.

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Bottom Line

With the end of the above write-up, you might have gotten the idea of the steps for organizing your AOL Mail inbox and making it more manageable. Creating a folder will help you to see all the relevant emails in one folder only and with this, you can quickly access those emails by reaching that folder. Moreover, you can also alter the name of the existing file as per your requirement.