Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line factory

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Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line factory A sandwich panel line is a device that feeds the core material into the sandwich panel continuously between the upper and lowers two layers of metal coils. Usually, it takes the shape of various wall and roof-type panels beautiful and delicate. It comes in a card and tracks wheel design that can be easily changed to make different shapes. JZ鈥檚 designed FR metal composite panel line is a type of sandwich panel line. GRADE A2 FIREPROOF SANDWICH PANELS FULL-AUTOMATIC CONTINUOUS PRODUCTION LINE In the production line, the inorganic powder forms a softcore plate by mixing, stirring, and extruding, which gets into shape through the flexible support transmission system via different heating and extrusion and is composite with upper and lower metal plates under continuous roll welding. JZ鈥檚 A2 Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line is a kind of sandwich panel line, which uses special technology to change combustible organic core materials in the aluminum-plastic composite panel to non-combustible inorganic core materials, realizing Grade A2 fire-proof performance, integrated forming, and full-automatic continuous production. l BASIC CONFIGURATION OF GRADE A2 FR SANDWICH PANEL l STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS Product application and features: A2 fireproof sandwich panel (ACP) is a new type of non-combustible decorative material, which uses non-combustible inorganic materials as the core material, and the surface is coated with aluminum plate (can also be copper, steel, and other metal plates). The use of advanced technology, so that it is perfectly combined, forming a fashionable appearance, superior performance, convenient construction of indoor and outdoor decoration materials. A2 fireproof board can be widely used in a variety of interior and exterior decorations. 1. The perfect combination of non-combustible inorganic materials and metal plates has the advantages of strength, flexibility, fireproof, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, and so on. 2. Excellent fire performance. In the combustion test, no fire spread, no halogen, smokeless, non-toxic, no dripping, no radiation, these all prove unparalleled safety performance, while the product has green environmental characteristics. 3. Excellent decorative performance. The product has the advantages of being beautiful and generous, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, and durability. 4.The perfect combination of strength and flexibility completely makes up for the lack of strength of the aluminum plate, and can do hyperbolic modeling, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.Aluminum Composite Panel Production Line factory website: