How to add money to your visa card?

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I would suggest you apply for this card right away if you are not using it already.

Are you using the exchange to cater to your crypto trading needs? If yes, then you must be aware of all the features and functionalities that it offers to all its traders. One such dynamic, useful, and efficient feature of this platform is its visa card offering. With this visa card by your side, you become eligible to earn a lot of rewards and benefits in terms of crypto assets. Hence, if you are using this Visa card, then you must be looking for some additional information to use this card to its fullest. 

In that case, I would suggest you continue reading this post till the end and start using the full-fledged features of this card right away. But first, let us have a glance at some background details of this card.

First, let’s know more about Visa card 

An offering of, this Visa Card has been developed with the aim to allow card-holders the ability to earn great Cashback that too in the form of CRO. Well, let me tell you that CRO is the native crypto token of the exchange. CRO is listed as a good crypto token on many famous exchanges and can be used for trading in cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, if you do not find this token listed on an exchange, you will still be able to trade CRO with other eligible coins on the exchange. 

Not just that, this crypto token can also be traded with that fiat currencies as well. And you’ll be glad to note that this is not a single card but a series of cards that are developed based on diverse users’ requirements. 

Topping up this card using a crypto wallet 

For topping up this card, the crypto wallet that you are using should have enough funds in it. If you believe that your wallet has enough funds, then you can follow the given steps to complete the process right away:

  1. Begin the process by going to the official website 
  2. Followed by this, navigate to the “Card” page 
  3. And then, select the “Top Up” option to proceed further 
  4. Right after that, you can choose the “Crypto wallet” as your payment option 
  5. Now, you need to make a selection for the crypto asset that you wish to top up on your card 
  6. Input the desired amount in the given spaces 
  7. Finally, confirm the transaction and wait for it to complete 

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As you can see there are several benefits attached to the Visa card, I would suggest you apply for this card right away if you are not using it already. After getting a card in your name, you will be introduced to the many benefits that the card holds. 

Also, you can top up this card not only using a crypto wallet but also by using fiat currencies. With that, I hope you liked this blog-post and got a clear answer to your query.