MetaMask Extension - A Glance at its safety features

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One of the best things about MetaMask Extension is just how easy it is to use. Once you've installed the extension, you'll be able to create a wallet and start managing your cryptocurrencies right away.


In this crypto world, traders are regularly looking for a perfect wallet that can safely store their currencies and provide some benefits. Hence, to solve this problem, Conseyns company launched MetaMask in 2016 to benefit the users. The platform gives traders access to several DeFi applications, online gaming techniques, and some more features. 

As soon as the extension was made available to investors, it gained popularity at a rapid speed. At present the total network of MetaMask is 10 million active users worldwide. But even after getting advice from many users on whether to use this extension or not. If you are looking for reasons to use it then here it is. Your search ends on this blog. Today we are going to state some reasons that will clear every doubt you have in your mind relating to the MetaMask Extension.

Why is it considered the Safest Extension?

Users are always tense about their funds being stolen from their accounts because of some hack in the system. But most people fail to understand the simple point that most of the breaches occurred in security is not because someone has hacked into it, but it was just because of a lack of engineers not coding the security of the platform properly. Think about it, if the platform was designed properly with the correct coding then how would a hacker hack the account?

Hackers can try to decode your Seed Phrase which has direct access to your account. Unlike, other Extensions, MetaMask Extension provides users with some extremely powerful codes that are not easily hacked. Even the most professional hackers cannot hack into your account. Thus, this ensures the top-notch security of your account. 

But these security features will be useless if you decide to disclose your seed phrase to anyone who asks you about it. This phrase is to be kept secret always. Do not trust any of the schemes you receive and never reveal the phrase to claim any of the rewards given in the scheme. 

Hence, protection of the account is the responsibility of both the user as well as of the platform. 

Privacy Settings of the Extension

Privacy is the most important factor for a trader, hence this MetaMask Extension allows the users to manage their privacy on their own. In the settings option, you will get the option of Privacy and Security that you can update. Following is one example that you can check and update to maintain your privacy:

  • Detection of Phishing

After enabling this function MetaMask will automatically detect whether the site you have recently visited had some phishing site or not. If after checking the answer is yes, then a warning message will be displayed to you and it will ask you to leave the site immediately and block the website. 

Summing it Up

We hope that all your doubts about MetaMask Extension security issues have securely been erased from your mind. And now you are willing to try using this app. In case any issue is faced, you can easily contact their customer care assistance.