Beefing up the security parameter of the Edge Wallet

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Edge wallet gives users access to their money anywhere, anytime. With Edge installed on their mobile device

Hey crypto investor!!

Enjoying building financial stability with crypto trade?

Great!! No doubt that trading with digital assets made people go rags to riches. Many examples in the crypto market justify this statement. But, there is another common saying that trading and risk come hand-in-hand. This saying is also true and many people have even experienced the same. But restricting yourself from performing crypto trade and investment activities is not a solution.

Then what’s the solution? This is what you might be wondering of right now.

Calling spade a spade, playing the complete game while being on the safer side, and establishing the great walls of precaution could be one of the most generous solutions. In this reference, we have attempted to help you in knowing how can you elevate the security feature of the Edge Wallet. Pay heed to the following read, to know the intact details about the same.

Cognizance at the Edge Wallet

Several crypto wallets in the market encourage investors to perform well and organize their digital wealth in a much more efficient way. One such crypto wallet that comes with cutting-edge security, user privacy, and a simple user interface is the Edge Wallet. With its simple operations and exceptional services, this wallet made investors believe that the crypto trade is not much complicated.

Supporting a vast number of cryptocurrencies and rendering services to over 170 nations, this wallet, no doubt, comes with top-notch security but still, we will look into how to uplift the wallet security more.

Measures to enhance the wallet security

  • Crafting a robust password: Build a highly unbreakable password and follow all the guidelines released for framing a vigorous password.
  • Enabling the 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) setting: Doing so will ask for your permission whenever anyone tries to access the wallet.
  • Set the spending limit to zero: Doing so, will ask for the full password every time before executing a process.
  • Enable auto-logout feature: The user will be stepped out of the wallet once the set time is exceeded if the wallet is left unattended.
  • Enable Biometric authentication, PIN, and tricked recovery questions features: Enabling these features lowers the risk of attackers.

Wrapping it up!!

Just like other crypto wallets Edge Crypto Wallet does also carry all the crucial and confidential data of their trade journey. For this reason, it becomes quite important for users to pay special attention to the security factor of their wallets and enable additional features to raise the bars of wallet security. Further, we would recommend you too follow these security measures to restrict the path of the scammers and hackers looking for prey.