KAMAGRA 50 MG A Medicine That Worked Wonders For ED

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Sildenafil has the assets of enjoyable the clean muscle of the blood vessels and widening them which can cause a fall in blood stress (hypotension). So, while used with blood strain decreasing tablets or nitrates, it could cause a intense fall in blood pressure, which might be fatal. Sildenafil have to no longer be taken in case you are taking nitrates for chest pain or you have a records of coronary heart attack or stroke inside the past six months.

Kamagra 50 mg pill is a prescription medicinal drug used to treat erectile disorder (impotence) in men. The outcomes of a few tablets can alternate in case you take different pills or natural products at the same time. this will increase your hazard for critical facet outcomes or may additionally cause your medicines no longer to paintings correctly. these drug interactions are feasible, but do not continually arise.

How To Take KAMAGRA 50 MG

Dont take Kamagra 50mg just for the sake of erection. Kamagra 50mg can purpose surprising lack of vision , coronary heart attacks or a painful condition called priapism. priapism is a painful condition in which erection lasts for greater than four hours. priapism may additionally require medical intervention.in no way take double doses of Kamagra 50mg , these might also result in unwarrented conditions. in no way Take Kamagra 50mg greater than as soon as every 24 hours.If testosterone degrees are too low then Kamagra 50mg may not work. A mixture of testosterone therapy + Kamagra 50mg may be powerful.

How To Work KAMAGRA 50 MG

Kamagra 50 mg tablet is a phosphodiesterase-five (PDE-5) inhibitor. it really works by enjoyable the blood vessels on your penis, thereby growing blood circulate the penis on sexual stimulation. This helps you attain and keep a difficult, erect penis suitable for sexual interest.

Dosage Of KAMAGRA 50 MG

The recommended starting dose of Kamagra pills in person men is 50 mg taken about one hour before sexual activity. based on efficacy and toleration, the dose may be increased to 100 mg or reduced to twenty-five mg. The maximum recommended Kamagra dosage is one hundred mg.The most recommended dosing frequency is once a day. If Sildenafil capsules are excited by food, the start of clinical impact may be delayed as compared to the management of this medication in the fasted state.


Side Effects Of KAMAGRA 50 MG

  • Headache
  • Nosebleed
  • Indigestion
  • hassle napping
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness
  • Bloody and cloudy urine
  • Burning, numbness, tingling in the hands and toes
  • visible disturbances

Warning Of KAMAGRA 50 MG

a few conditions and medicines intervene with the natural erection method. The penis cannot fill with enough blood. the person can't have an erection. that is referred to as erectile disorder if it turns into a frequent hassle. throughout sex, your heart works harder. therefore sexual interest might not be advisable for people who have heart troubles. before you start any sildenafil remedy for erectile dysfunction, ask your doctor in case your heart is healthy sufficient to deal with the greater strain of getting intercourse. if you have chest pains, dizziness or nausea at some point of sex, forestall having sex and immediately tell your health practitioner you've got had this problem.

Storage Of KAMAGRA 50 MG

shop under 30℃ in a fab, dry place. shield from moisture and light.