Location of Kingdom Valley Islamabad

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Kingdom Valley Rawalpndi is located in the heart of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Kingdom Valley Rawalpndi is located in the heart of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The housing society is situated near Bahria Town and DHA Phase-II, which are some of the most popular residential areas in Pakistan.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Kingdom Valley Islamabad is its proximity to major transportation routes. The society can be easily accessed via GT Road and other major highways, making it a convenient location for commuters who need to travel to Islamabad or other parts of Rawalpindi on a regular basis.

The location also offers breathtaking views of Margalla Hills that add an aesthetic appeal to this state-of-the-art project. Residents can wake up every morning with picturesque landscapes right outside their windows.

Moreover, Kingdom Valley Islamabad's central location puts it within close proximity to some of the best shopping centers, restaurants and recreational activities available in Rawalpindi/Islamabad region. Additionally, Hospitals and schools are easily accessible from here which provide convenience for families with children.

The strategic location makes Kingdom Valley Islamabad an ideal place for those looking for a modern lifestyle combined with easy accessibilities at an affordable cost.

Types of housing available in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers various types of housing options to cater to different needs and preferences. The housing options range from apartments, townhouses, villas, and penthouses.

For people who prefer apartment living, there are several high-rise buildings within the premises that offer modern facilities such as elevators, parking spaces, and 24-hour security services. These apartments come in different sizes ranging from one bedroom to three bedrooms depending on the tenant's preference.

Those who want more space can opt for a townhouse or villa with multiple rooms and amenities such as private gardens and swimming pools. The townhouses come in two categories; single-story or double-story units while villas come with up to six bedrooms.

Apart from these traditional housing options, Kingdom Valley Islamabad also offers luxurious penthouses that provide stunning views of the surrounding areas. These penthouses feature modern architecture designs with rooftop terraces perfect for hosting guests or relaxing after a long day at work.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides residents with diverse housing options catering to their individual lifestyles and budgets.

Amenities offered in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a luxurious and modern community that offers its residents some of the best amenities in Rawalpindi. The developers have ensured that residents have access to everything they need within the community, making it an ideal place to live.

One of the most attractive amenities offered in Kingdom Valley Islamabad is its state-of-the-art gymnasium. Residents can enjoy working out with top-notch equipment while being supervised by experienced trainers. There are also various sports facilities available, including tennis and basketball courts for those who love outdoor activities.

For families with young children, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has a designated play area where kids can safely enjoy themselves while their parents relax nearby. Additionally, there are plenty of parks and green spaces throughout the community where residents can take a stroll or simply enjoy nature.

When it comes to entertainment options, Kingdom Valley Islamabad has something for everyone. There are multiple cinemas located within close proximity to the community as well as several shopping centers featuring high-end brands and popular restaurants.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides an exceptional living experience thanks to its wide range of amenities tailored towards different lifestyles.

Schools in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a range of schools for families with children. From preschool to high school, there are several educational institutions in the community that cater to different age groups and academic levels.

For younger children, parents can choose from various playgroups and early learning centers that provide quality care and education. These establishments use modern teaching methods to foster creativity, curiosity, and cognitive development.

As for primary education, Kingdom Valley has reputable schools that offer comprehensive curriculums aligned with international standards. The faculties consist of skilled educators who employ innovative approaches to make learning engaging and meaningful.

For secondary education, parents have access to excellent schools that provide rigorous programs designed to prepare students for higher academics or vocational careers. The facilities are well-equipped with advanced technology classrooms, science laboratories and sports fields which encourage multi-dimensional growth among children.

Kingdom Valley is an ideal location for families seeking quality education within a safe environment where young ones can thrive academically as well as personally.

Hospitals in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has a number of hospitals located within its vicinity, offering top-of-the-line healthcare to residents and visitors alike. The hospitals in Kingdom Valley are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by highly qualified medical professionals.

One of the most prominent hospitals in this area is the Capital Diagnostic Center which provides diagnostic services such as MRI, CT scan, X-ray etc. Other well-known hospitals include Ali Medical Centre and Bilal Hospital that offer emergency services 24/7. These facilities also have intensive care units (ICUs) where patients can receive specialized treatment for critical illnesses.

For families with young children who require pediatric care, there are child specialists available at many clinics across Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The city's pediatric centers provide comprehensive medical care to infants, toddlers, children and adolescents.

In addition to these large healthcare facilities, there are also several smaller clinics located throughout the area that cater to specific health needs such as dental or eye care. All of these hospitals offer exceptional medical services at affordable prices making it easier for residents to access quality healthcare without leaving their community.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers an impressive array of medical facilities that cater to every type of need from routine check-ups to specialized treatments. With highly trained professionals manning these establishments round the clock , you can be assured that you will receive world-class treatment if ever needed while living here!

Restaurants in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad offers a diverse range of restaurants catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you are in the mood for Pakistani cuisine or international flavors, there is something for everyone.

For those looking for authentic Pakistani dishes, Al-Kabab Restaurant is a must-try. The restaurant serves delicious kebabs and curries that will leave your taste buds satisfied.

If you're looking for something more exotic like Chinese or Thai cuisine, head over to Chopsticks Restaurant. They offer a wide variety of dishes from sweet and sour chicken to spicy pad thai noodles.

For those who prefer fast food, McDonald's and KFC are also located within Kingdom Valley Islamabad. You can enjoy burgers, fries, nuggets and much more here!

Coffee lovers can go to Gloria Jean's Coffee Shop which offers an extensive menu of coffee drinks along with sandwiches, desserts etc.

The dining options at Kingdom Valley Islamabad are varied enough that residents don't need to venture far from home if they want some great food!


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a luxurious housing society that offers its residents a wide range of amenities and facilities. The location of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is ideal for those who seek tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of city life while still being connected to the capital city.

The various types of housing available in Kingdom Valley Islamabad cater to different lifestyles and budgets. Whether you are looking for an apartment or a spacious villa, Kingdom Valley has something for everyone.

Moreover, the facilities offered by the community make it an attractive option for families with children. With top-notch schools and hospitals within close proximity, parents can be assured that their children's education and healthcare needs will be taken care of.

In terms of cost of living, Kingdom Valley Islamabad falls on the higher end compared to other places in Pakistan but it certainly justifies this with its quality offerings.

If you're looking for a peaceful yet luxurious lifestyle in Rawalpindi/Islamabad then Kingdom Valley should definitely be at the top of your list.