Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe disturbutor

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Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe disturbutor Product Description Boiler tube identifies a steel with open ends and a hollow section, and its length is bigger than that of its environment. According to the manufacturing process, it may be divided into seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes. The specifications of the steel pipes utilize external dimensions (like outer diameter or side length) and Wall thickness signifies a broad assortment of measurements, from capillary tubes with a small diameter to large-diameter tubes with a diameter of several meters. Steel pipes may be used for pipelines, thermal equipment, machinery industry, petroleum geological exploration, containers, chemical industry and specific functions. Production Standard: ASME Sa213 Seamless Ferrite and Austenitic Alloy Steel Tube for Boiler, Superheater and Heat Exchanger Production Rang : Norminal Pipe SizeOutside DiameterNorminal Wall Thickness (mm) NPSinBNmmSCH5sSCH10sSCH40sSCH80s 1/80.405610.3--1.241.732.41 1/40.540813.7--1.652.243.02 3/80.6751017.1--1.652.313.2 1/20.8401521.31.652.112.773.73 3/41.0502026.71.652.112.873.91 11.3152533.41.652.773.384.55 1 1/41.6603242.21.652.773.564.85 1 1/21.9004048.31.652.773.685.08 22.3755060.31.652.773.915.54 2 1/22.8756573. 33.5008088. 3 1/24.00090101. 44.500100114. 55.563125141.32.773.46.559.53 66.625150168.32.773.47.1110.97 88.625200219.12.773.768.1812.7 1010.750250273. 1212.750300323.93.964.579.5312.7 1414.000350355.63.964.789.53-- 1616.000400406.44.194.789.53-- 1818.000450457.24.194.789.53-- 2020.000500508.04.785.549.53-- 2222.000550558.84.785.54---- 2424.000600609.65.546.359.53-- 2626.000650660.4-------- 2828.000700711.2-------- 3030.000750762.06.357.92---- 3232.000800812.8--7.92---- 3434.000850863.6--7.92---- 3636.000900914.4--7.92---- 3838.000950965.2-------- 4040.00010001016.0--9.53---- If you need more sizes, please consult with us Main grade description in different standard ASTMDIN / ENJISGBISO NameOther S20100 2011.4372SUS201S35350X12CrMnNiN17鈥?-5J1 L1 LH 201J1 S20200 2021.4373SUS202S35450X12CrMnNiN18鈥?-5202 L4, 202 J4, 202 J3 S30400 3041.4301SUS304S30408X5CrNi18-1006Cr19Ni10 0Cr18Ni9 S31603 316L1.4404SUS316LS31603X2CrNiMo17-12-2022Cr17Ni12Mo2 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 S40900 409-SUH409S11168X5CrTi120Cr11Ti S40910 409L1.4512SUH409LS11163X2CrTi1200Cr11Ti 022Cr11Ti S41008 410S1.4000SUS410SS11306X6Cr13- S43000 4301.4016SUS43010Cr17X6Cr171Cr17 Main grade chemical component in different standard 201C %Si%Mn %P %S %Ni %Cr %N %Mo % ASTM0.151.005.5-7.50.0500.0303.5-5.516.0-18.00.25- DIN/EN0,151,005,5-7,50,0450,0153,5-5,516,0-18,00,05-0,25- JIS0.151.005.5-7.50.0600.0303.5-5.516.0-18.00.25- GB0.151.005.5-7.50.0500.0303.5-5.516.0-18.00.05-0.25- 202C %Si%Mn %P %S %Ni %Cr %N %Mo % ASTM0.151.007.5-10.00.0600.0304.0-6.017.0-19.00.25- DIN/EN0,151,007,5-10,50,0450,0154,0-6,017,0-19,00,05-0,25- JIS0.151.007.5-10.00.0600.0304.0-6.017.0-19.00.25- GB0.151.007.5-10.00.0500.0304.0-6.017.0-19.00.05-0.25- 304C %Si%Mn %P %S %Ni %Cr %N %Mo % ASTM0.080.752.000.0450.0308.0 - 10.518.0-20.00.10- DIN/EN0,071,002,000,0450,0158,0 - 10,517,5-19,50,10- JIS0. - 10.518.0-20.0-- GB0. - 10.018.0-20. 0-- 316LC %Si%Mn %P %S %Ni %Cr %N %Mo % ASTM0.0300.752.000.0450.03010.0-14.016.0- DIN/EN0,0301,002,000,0450,01510,0-13,016,5-18,50,102,00-2,50 JIS0.0301.002.000.0450.03012.0-15.016.0-18.0-2.00-3.00 GB0.0300.752.000.0450.03010.0-14.016.0- 409C %Si%Mn %P %S %Ni %Cr %N %Ti % ASTM0.*C% - 0.75 DIN/EN--------- JIS0.*C% - 0.75 GB0.*C% - 0.75 409LC %Si%Mn %P %S %Ni %Cr %N %Ti % ASTM0.*(C+N)-0.5 DIN/EN0.*(C+N)-0.65 JIS0.*C% - 0.75 GB0.鈮?*(C+N) 410SC %Si%Mn %P %S %Ni %Cr %N %Mo % ASTM0. DIN/EN0,081,001,000,0400,015-12,0-14,0-- JIS0. GB0. Main grade mechanical property in different standard 201Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/pT.S./Mpa 鈮?/pE.L./% 鈮?/pHB 鈮?/pHRB 鈮?/pHBW 鈮?/pHV 鈮?/p ASTM26051540-95217- JIS27552040241100-253 GB20551530-銆€99--銆€ 202Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/pT.S./Mpa 鈮?/pE.L./% 鈮?/pHB 鈮?/pHRB 鈮?/pHBW 鈮?/pHV 鈮?/p ASTM26062040--241- JIS27552040-95207218 GB------- 304Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/pT.S./Mpa 鈮?/pE.L./% 鈮?/pHB 鈮?/pHRB 鈮?/pHBW 鈮?/pHV 鈮?/p ASTM20551540-92201- JIS2055204018790-200 GB20551540-92201210 316LY.S./Mpa 鈮?/pT.S./Mpa 鈮?/pE.L./% 鈮?/pHB 鈮?/pHRB 鈮?/pHBW 鈮?/pHV 鈮?/p ASTM17048540-95217- JIS1754804018790 200 GB17048540-95217220 409Y.S./Mpa 鈮?/pT.S./Mpa 鈮?/pE.L./% 鈮?/pHB 鈮?/pHRB 鈮?/pHBW 鈮?/pHV 鈮?/p ASTM------- JIS1753602216280-175 GB------- 409LY.S./Mpa 鈮?/pT.S./Mpa 鈮?/pE.L./% 鈮?/pHB 鈮?/pHRB 鈮?/pHBW 鈮?/pHV 鈮?/p ASTM17038020-88179- JIS1753602516280-175 GB17038020-88179200 410SY.S./Mpa 鈮?/pT.S./Mpa 鈮?/pE.L./% 鈮?/pHB 鈮?/pHRB 鈮?/pHBW 鈮?/pHV 鈮?/p ASTM20541522-89183- JIS20541020-88183200 GB20541520-89183200 Production Process and Feature The boiler tube is a type of seamless tube. The manufacturing method is just like that of seamless pipes, but there are stringent requirements on the steel grades used in the production of steel pipes. According to the operating temperature, it may be divided into general boiler tubes and high-pressure boiler tubes. The mechanical components of the boiler tube is an important index to guarantee the last usage performance (mechanical properties) of the steel, and it is based upon the chemical composition of the steel and the heat treatment system. From the steel pipe standard, based on different application requirements, the electrical properties (tensile strength, yield strength or yield point, elongation), hardness, toughness indicators, and low and high temperature properties demanded by users are defined. Application 鈶燝eneral boiler tubes are mainly used to create water wall tubes, boiling water tubes, superheated steam tubes, superheated steam tubes for locomotive boilers, big and little smoke tubes and arched brick tubes. 鈶igh-pressure boiler tubes are mainly used to manufacture superheater tubes, heater tubes, air guide tubes, main steam tubes, etc. . high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure boilers. The supply and demand tendency of the high-pressure boiler tube business are generally secure, but the supply and demand situation of each particular sub-industry will be further split. Industry insiders pointed out that the most crucial link is the use and marketing of new energy-saving insulation 20g high-pressure boiler tubing equipment.Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe disturbutor website: