Mobile Diesel Filling Station

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Mobile Diesel Filling Station Company ProfileShandong Hongyi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, integrating R&D, Manufacture, Sales and After-Sales. Professionally Producing high-tech products, including explosion-proof barrier materials, separate and explosion-pr

Mobile Diesel Filling Station Company ProfileShandong Hongyi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, integrating RD, Manufacture, Sales and After-Sales. Professionally Producing high-tech products, including explosion-proof barrier materials, separate and explosion-proof portable refueling equipment, S/F composite tanks, explosion-proof barrier modification, portable LNG filling station, explosion-proof devices specially used for methanol, portable separate and explosion-proof fuel tank, separate and explosion-proof underground fuel tank, etc. Shandong Hongyi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Xinhong Group, and subordinate to Shandong Xinfa Holding limited. The company is located in the Industrial Park of Renhezhen, Rongcheng, within the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula, China., with charming local environment and satisfying weather. In the economic zone sit the Chishan Scenic Spot: a national class AAAA resort, and the Shidaowan International Bathing Beach with sandy beaches of 10,000 meters. The local transportation is convenient, as closely connected to a national first-class open port: Shidao Port (300,000 DWT international terminal), connected to Qingdao-Weihai Highway and Weihai Airport to the West, Weihai Port and Qingdao-Rongcheng High-Speed Railway to the north. There are unique advantages in water, land and air transportation. The registered capital of the company is 30 million Yuan CNY, and the total covering area is around 266.4 thousand meter squared, 30,000 meter squared is ship-outfitting yard. The company owns one 100t/36m gantry crane, and two 50t/16m gantry cranes. The manufacturing shops cover an area of 27 thousand meter squared (with a crane capacity of 7脳100t). The Assembly shop covers 21 thousand meter squared (with a crane capacity of 3脳100t). The company has over 80 staffs, of which more than 30% are research or developing personnel. 80% of the employees are professionals or with technical titles. The company owns advanced mechanical equipment, including over 20 sets of professional measuring and inspection devices, and is able to independently develop and fabricate qualified products according to the needs of customers. Moreover, a thorough network of sales, after-sales and service has been established all over China. The company puts efforts into quality control, seeking to build a reputation, to develop and to become more visible. The company has passed ISO-9001 Quality Management System, ISO14000 Environment Management System, and OSHMS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series certificates, and owns a number of national patents for the products. Shandong Hongyi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. has introduced full sets of internationally advanced manufacture technologies and process facilities of portable refueling station, reaching an international level of global industry, professionally manufacture skid refueling equipment with internally advanced technology, high safety factor, and complete functions, and high-tech products of separate and explosion-proof materials. The separate and explosion-proof material developed by Hongyi has solved the faults of the explosion protection technology existing in the area of Flammable, explosive, liquid and gaseous chemicals: by making significant improvements over the processing of materials, changing a variety of characteristics of the materials, the problems where the explosion-proof materials will easily be worn into pieces which block the pipelines after used for long, has been solved. The separate and explosion-proof portable refueling equipment (5 m鲁 ~ 50 m鲁) and separate and explosion-proof materials has been inspected by China Special Equipment Inspection And Research Institute, CASST Inspection Center of Hazardous Goods, China National Quality Supervision Testing Center for Industrial Explosive Materials, National Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Nanyang Key Laboratory of Explosion and Fire Safety, Nanyang Explosion-Proof Material Inspection Center, Nanyang Skid Station Electric Inspection Center, Nanyang Skid Station Barrier Explosion Proof Technical Modification Testing Center, Shandong Institute for Product Quality Inspection. The quality of the products meets the national codes and the requirement of standards, comforting to GB 50156-2012 Code for design and construction of automobile gasoline and gas filling station; SH/T 3134-2002 Technical specifications for portable filling device in automobile filling station; AQ 3001-2005 Technology-separate and explosion-proof of gasoline, gas filling station and light-fuel, LPG tank of transportation by truck; AQ 3002-2005 Technology-Separate and explosion-proof of auto gasoline, gas filling portable device; GB20952-2007 Emission standard of air pollutant for gasoline filling stations; etc. The portable station produced by Shandong Hongyi Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a overground portable refueling equipment, integrating a number of devices, including filling machine, separate and explosion-proof oil tank, separate and explosion-proof oil vapour recollection equipment, automatic fire extinguishing equipment, anti-explosion automatic integrated electric devices control equipment, emergency cutoff equipment, overflow valve and endoscope monitoring system, etc. this device is equipped with high liquid level display and alarm device, emergency relief valve, breakaway valve, Combustible gas alarm, lighting and statics alarm, fuel stop control valve, automatic extinguishing device of inner combustion control, and devices against statics and lighting, etc., meeting the requirement of different types of fuels. It covers all the functions of the refueling stations and gas stations of large and medium sizes currently in use, and is a high-tech product, not only safe as explosion-proof, but also avoiding polluting air and underground water resource. After installation, the advantage of the product includes small in size, covering an small area, easy to install, portable as a whole set, lower input, safe and reliable, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, low operation costs, long operation life, etc., which makes it a completely functional, safe as explosion-proof, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient hi-tech product, while being popularized by the State Administration of Work Safety as a safe and environmentally friendly refueling station. The company insists on the purpose of 鈥楽upporting Development with Science Technology, Leading the Future with Innovation.鈥? and keep on strengthening scientific research. Giving full play to our own advantages, we provide refueling equipment of high quality, latest series of explosion-proof product and excellent service to the customers from China and all over the world. Our ProductS/F composite tanks separate explosion-proof modification separate and explosion-proof portable refueling equipment锛?-50m鲁锛?/p 5m鲁 10m鲁 25m鲁 50m鲁 portable LNG filling station portable separate and explosion-proof fuel tank explosion-proof devices specially specially used for methanol/ethanol separate and explosion-proof underground fuel tank Production Equipment S/NMechanical equipment nameModel, specificationQuantityCurrent status 1Upper roll universal plate rolling machineW11STNC-40脳25001 setGood 2Hydraulic plate shearQC12Y16脳25001 setGood 3Pairs of installedXR-YDDZJ1 setGood 4Tool kit/10 setsGood 5Necking machineXR-SKKJ1 setGood 6Bosch electric drill锛圔OSCH锛塗BM 35003setsGood 7Automatic submerged arc welding machine7T-10T1 setGood 8Carbon dioxide protective welding machineNB-630HD16 setGood 9Two semi-automatic gas shielded welding machinesNB-500IGBT2 setGood 10Blocking explosion-proof material machine180type1 setGood 11Vernier caliperProkits2setsGood 12Ladders5m herringbone ladders2setsGood 13Ladders3.2 m multi-function ladder2setsGood 14Bridge craneQD50/16T-28.5=161 setGood 15Electric welding machineWSM-500HD5setsGood 16Vertical drilling machine20080021 setGood 17Bending machineWD67X-250/32001 setGood Our CertificateMobile Diesel Filling Station website: