expert in divorce and divorce cases

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expert in divorce and divorce cases

expert in divorce and divorce cases
The search for the best divorce lawyer in Dubai is increasing, specializing in divorce provisions stipulated in the laws of personal status lawyers in Dubai in force in the United Arab Emirates - the Emirate of Dubai. Also see Dubai lawyers.

This is in line with the increasing divorce rates in the country to be among the highest rates in the region, as it reached about 30% at the end of 2020.

However, according to a statistical report prepared by the Dubai Statistics Center in partnership with Dubai Courts and the Community Development Authority, a decrease in divorce rates was observed by 35% over the four years between 2016-2019.

This indicates the success of the endeavors and relentless efforts made by the United Arab Emirates to support family stability. Especially through the establishment of the Family Guidance Center, which is a cornerstone of divorce procedures in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, and deals with all disputes related to personal status.

Despite these attempts, divorce remains among the most popular cases that couples seek as a divorce lawyer in Dubai, to seek the help of his legal experience in resolving the problem of their marriage according to legal means, after the lack of means of joint living between them. You can also see a lawyer in Dubai.

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The problem of divorce | Consult a divorce lawyer in Dubai:
And because divorce is a problematic issue at the family, societal, legal and Sharia levels; Individuals and legal entities are disturbed by the notification of division and rivalry.

And because the Sharia and the law agree on the purpose of preserving the family and ensuring the stability of its members, they regulated in many of their rulings the conditions of the family and the relationship of its members among themselves.

You can see a personal status lawyer in Dubai for more information.

The principle in each of the provisions of religion and the articles of the law is to stress the importance of continuing marital life with affection and good company. and urging that by all available means; If there is no will and means to that continuity, and the spouses find no room for coexistence between them, then divorce is the last solution.

Divorce, like other cases, has its own provisions, conditions, and effects that are organized in the chapters of law and Sharia books, which are taken care of by attention and interpretation by lawyers and legal advisors specialized in divorce and its issues.

Within this framework, Musab Al-Taqibi Advocates and Legal Consultants, the best divorce lawyer office in Dubai, strives to provide the comprehensive legal services that the client needs in divorce cases.

As we work to adopt your case and encapsulate it with the utmost care and necessary privacy, in a way that meets your hopes and guarantees your interests and your legal rights.

And that is by investing the expertise and legal efforts of a legal team of the most important original lawyers and experts in all areas and fields of law, especially the strongest divorce lawyer in Dubai.


Looking for a divorce lawyer in Dubai?
And because we care about Musaab Al Naqbi Advocates and Legal Consultants; By providing legal assistance to clients by all available means, in a manner that preserves their interests and their time, through the use of the most important divorce lawyers in Dubai; We dedicate this article in the personal status section to talk about:

Divorce (its concept and legal effects).
The law and provisions governing divorce in the United Arab Emirates (Personal Status Law).
Divorce procedures in Dubai.
Types of divorce (divorce by mutual consent - divorce due to harm - khula')
The legal effects of divorce (custody - alimony).
With an explanation of the mechanism of appointing a Dubai lawyer, here we will talk about a divorce lawyer in Dubai, and the set of basic legal values that must be taken into account when searching for the strongest divorce lawyer in Dubai; In order to reach satisfactory results, as well as exposure to post-divorce issues (the legal effects of divorce) in which the divorce lawyer also reviews such as (alimony, custody, and the wife’s rights).


Divorce | Law and Sharia | Divorce lawyer:
Some marital relationships may reach closed doors, with which it is impossible to continue living together, and there is no understanding between the spouses. Then divorce would be the only final solution to end the rift and dissolve that relationship according to the legal and legal image, as he feared that the suffering would continue with the continuation of the relationship.

The legal ones are:

Islam permitted separation between the spouses, but it cautioned that it is not advisable to do it or to leave the matter to him, and it enjoined good treatment between the two parties.
The legal basis is to preserve family cohesion (which the true religion has given special attention to); If it was and must, then the Sharia has clarified the limits of that, and stipulated the special provisions according to which divorce takes place, in several verses of the Holy Qur’an; Such as His saying, the Almighty: {And if they intend to divorce, then God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing} and He, the Most High, saying: {Divorce twice, then withholding on a reasonable basis or releasing with kindness}.

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