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www.hiccn.com Horizon Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an excellent green smart energy comprehensive service provider,over the years, we have been committed to continuously improving value, creating advantages for customers, and providing excellent value-added solution design, development and perfect supply chain services for global green energy pioneers. The company's main business: Electron Component銆丅MS銆丅atteries and Battery systems. Electron Component: We are a leading distributor of electronic components in China, providing OEMs and EMS with a wealth of semiconductor銆乮nterconnection銆?passive and electromechanical components, as well as relevant design chain and supply chain support; BMS: We are a high-tech enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and service. We are dedicated, professional and enthusiastic to provide you with perfect lithium battery management system solutions, as well as the whole process technical support and after-sales service; The lithium battery protection board and lithium battery management system designed and produced by us are widely used in many product fields, such as communication base station energy storage銆?home distributed energy storage銆?off grid power station銆?forklift銆?low-speed vehicle銆?portable power supply and so on; Battery and Battery system: Our production plant was jointly established by Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. and Gotion High-Tech Co.,Ltd. in December 2017. Among them, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. is one of the largest state-owned holding enterprise groups in China's equipment manufacturing industry. Gotion High-Tech Co.,Ltd. ranks among the top three domestic power battery manufacturing enterprises and has strong RD capability Forward looking development vision and rich resource advantages; The company has two production bases. Nantong production base is located in Nantong Economic Development Zone, covering an area of 442 mu, with a total construction area of 200000 square meters, with an annual output of 10Gwh and 5Gwh in phase I. It has officially reached production capacity in September 2020. The base integrates RD, test and production. It is the most advanced and large-scale lithium-ion battery energy storage system industrial base in East China锛宼he annual output of Kunshan base is 300Mwh. After continuous upgrading and transformation, the energy density of the electric core has reached the advanced level of the industry, providing customers with efficient, reliable and customized energy storage solutions. We are young and passionate about what we do!www.hiccn.com website:http://www.hiccn.com/