data in a successful implementation

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A public-safety network would likely focus solely on reliability. A tower company might focus on reliability, but also in being able to do power billing to different customers at a site.

For processes outside of fault management, it is particularly clear that there are advantages to viewing the data itself as having value and using non-proprietary tools to work with it.  In the past Asentria has worked with many more proprietary software to enable some function to occur. To enable a proprietary software to control our SiteBoss units for generator exercising, for example.   What is becoming clear to us is that more open consolidation of the data our units produce and more standardized ways of using commands to control our SiteBoss devices is superior to silo-ing data into a proprietary system.

pmp management

Collecting the data from our SiteBoss units and combining that with other data from other systems into more of a “data lake” architecture has a number of cost and functional benefits. We can see parallels between the best way for our solutions to function and the goals of Open RAN systems, which borrow many ideas from data center management. This runs counter to even newer IoT vendors whose systems are designed to get users to adopt a particular IoT software platform and be “locked in” to the use of that system.

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