An Overview of Trezor Suite for crypto traders/investors

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Trezor Wallet is one of the best wallets for storing cryptocurrency. Along with that it also lets you buy, sell, and exchange your crypto through its web app which we have also discussed in our above content.

In the growing financial sector, a lot of traders and investors are taking steps toward crypto trading by which they can generate a side-by-side passive income. But it also increases the risk of being attacked by cybercriminals. And for preventing the digital assets of users from cyber-attacks, various crypto wallets come into existence with various unique security features. One such wallet is Trezor Wallet which is a type of hardware wallet for storing crypto and is controlled by its desktop app known as Trezor Suite. 

In our further content, we will cover some topics such as what is Trezor Suite and how to use it? Along with that, we will also cover steps for its download, how to connect the Trezor device to its suite app, and how to update Trezor Wallet Suite.

What is Trezor Suite and how to use it? 

Trezor Suite is an application or software interface that is built to provide a multi-functional crypto platform for Trezor devices. In simple words, it is a desktop app that is used for controlling Trezor Wallet. It is available in the form of a desktop app and Trezor web suite, you can use anyone according to your choice. Along with that, it also helps its users for buying, sell, and exchange various cryptos directly in the hardware wallet by connecting with offers from trusted partner exchanges for better deals. 

Now, we are sure that, reading through the above section you’ve understood what Trezor Suite is but to move to the process of how to use it, you would have to download it first on your desktop. We have covered some steps in our further content that will help you to download it on your computer or laptop. 

Trezor suite download steps:

Follow these simple steps for Trezor Suite download, 

  1. Open your preferred web browser and visit 
  2. Click or tap on the “Download for Desktop” button and then the download process will start. 
  3. Go to recent downloads and then click on the app file you have downloaded in the previous step. 
  4. In the last step, click on “Install” and then on “Finish” to complete the entire process of downloading the app.  

Once you download the app on your desktop, you can start using it by connecting the Trezor hardware device to it.  

How do I connect my Trezor to my computer?

Follow these simple steps for connecting Trezor to your Trezor Suite App,

  1. Connect your Trezor device to your computer by using a compatible data cable. 
  2. Go to and download Trezor Suite App. You can skip this step if you have already downloaded it on your computer. 
  3. Launch the Trezor Suite app and then click on the “Install Firmware” tab. 
  4. Once the installation is complete, cross-check the firmware fingerprints on both the Trezor device screen and the browser screen. 
  5. Click on the “Continue” button on your Trezor device. 
  6. Now, click on the “Continue” tab on your browser and then on the “Create New Wallet” tab. 
  7. Click on the “Create Backup” tab. 
  8. Now, hit on “Begin Backup” for generating SRP on your Trezor device. 
  9. Click on “Confirm” on your Trezor device and then note down the seed phrase in a safe place as same as shown on your screen. 
  10. In the last step, you just have to create a strong pin for accessing your Trezor Wallet by following the on-screen instructions. 

Steps to update Trezor Wallet Suite:

If you are already an active user and want to update Trezor Wallet Suite then follow these simple steps,

  1. Launch Trezor Wallet Suite App on your desktop. 
  2. Click on the “Settings” icon. 
  3. Scroll down and then click on “Check for updates”. 
  4. If there is any update available then simply click on the “Start Update” to finish the process.   

Bottom Line:

Overall, Trezor Wallet is one of the best wallets for storing cryptocurrency. Along with that it also lets you buy, sell, and exchange your crypto through its web app which we have also discussed in our above content.