Diablo 4: 5 Best Dual-Wielding Skills For Barbarians

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What are the 5 best dual-wielding skills for the Barbarian in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, there are five classes that you can experiment with, but among them, the Barbarian is often regarded as one of the best. This is a combo-based build that can destroy large groups of enemies, changing the combo depending on the situation. However, that's not all the Barbarian offers. With the right build and core stats, they can become unstoppable and even take down enemies with a single blow. So in this guide, let's look at the five best skills to have as a dual-wielding Barbarian.
1) Lunging Strike

Lunging Strike is a Basic Barbarian skill that makes players lunge and hit their enemies for a good amount of damage while generating 9 Fury. This active skill grants you increased damage by 30% and heals you by 2% when you damage a healthy enemy. It can also serve as an opener to help you disengage from a sticky situation. This skill is necessary for your survivability in Diablo 4, as there will always be a large number of enemies looking to kill you.

2) Violent Double Swing

Violent Double Swing is an Upgrade Barbarian Skill in Diablo 4. Violent Double Swing allows Barbarians to improve upon Double Swing by making enemies Vulnerable when both hits connect. The effect will only last for one second, but if partnered with the Exploit Glyph, you can deal massive base damage and one-hit enemies, including elites. Additionally, you can even pair it with some bleed damage and dominate everyone in your path.

3) Rallying Cry

Rallying Cry allows Barbarians to let out a rallying cry that boosts their movement speed, resource generation, and nearby allies' movement speed for a duration. However, it will only last for a small duration of time, so you'll have to combine this skill with others to cause massive destruction in battle. You can activate this skill to catch up with the enemy or disengage from many enemies. Combining it with a taunt lets you move around quickly and taunt all nearby enemies.

4) Challenging Shout

Challenging Shout allows Barbarians to taunt nearby enemies and gain damage reduction for a duration. This skill is a must-have to aggro strong enemies and make them more vulnerable. Combined with the other skills in this list, you can inflict a lot of damage, making it easier for you to fight challenging enemies. This skill is especially valuable if you are boosting a low-level ally, as it draws the attention of enemies and allows your ally to land free hits.

5) Wrath of the Berserker

Wrath of the Berserker is an ultimate skill and should be one of the first skills you unlock as a Barbarian. This will grant you Berserking and Unstoppable for a short duration of time. It also increases damage from basic attacks and essentially doubles your mobility. However, use this ability sparingly due to its long cooldown duration. You will only want to use it if your health drops below 50%. You can also combine this with life steal to replenish your life with damage that you have dealt to your enemy.

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