How Do I Book Safaris in Ranthambore National Park?

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Ranthambore safari is a dream safari for many to sight tigers in their natural habitat, but how can one book Ranthambore safari when we have answered?

Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan is a wildlife enthusiast's and nature lover's paradise. Ranthambore, a park known for its diverse flora and wildlife and majestic tigers, is a safari destination that lets visitors experience nature at its most raw. Eye of the Tiger can help you book Ranthambore Safari. We will guide you in this blog through the process of booking safaris and highlight the outstanding services provided by Eye of the Tiger.

Understanding the Safari Zones at Ranthambore

Ranthambore National Park consists of multiple safari areas, each with their own characteristics and sightings of tigers. The zones range from Zone 1 through Zone 10. There is a limit of 10 safari vehicles per zone. When booking a safari, you should be aware of the popularity and zones.

Safaris with Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger has a reputation for being a reliable safari booking agent that offers exceptional wildlife experiences at Ranthambore National Park. How to book a safari through them:

  • Online Booking: Eye of the Tiger provides a convenient booking system that allows you to reserve a safari from the convenience of your home. Go to the official website of Eye of the Tiger and click on "Booking." Please fill in all the details. This includes your preferred safari dates, zone preferences (if any), as well as the number of participants. The online booking system updates availability in real-time, which ensures a smooth booking process.
  • Personalized assistance: Eye of the Tiger's team of wildlife experts, customer service representatives and safari specialists can provide you with a customized approach if you desire. They can give you recommendations based on where to find tigers in your area, offer suggestions for safari timings or address any concerns that you might have. You can reach their customer support team either by phone or via email. They will guide you throughout the booking process.

Eye of the Tiger Safari Experience

Eye of the Tiger can help you create a wildlife adventure that is memorable and organized. These are some of the highlights:

  • Experienced guides: Eye of the Tiger offers you the services of highly qualified and experienced guides and naturalists. They will accompany your safari. These experts possess a thorough understanding of the park and its wildlife. These experts share their valuable insights, interpret the animal movements and enhance your safari experience.
  • Comfortable vehicles: Eye of the Tiger has comfortable safari vehicles with the necessary amenities. The open-top vehicles offer excellent visibility for photography and allow you to see the landscape. Each vehicle is limited to a certain number of passengers, which ensures an intimate and personalized safari experience.
  • Photography assistance: Eye of the Tiger also offers filming and photography assistance to photographers. They can provide advice on camera settings and composition for the best possible shots. They can also help with equipment and filming tips if you want to make wildlife films.
  • Ethical booking: Eye of the Tiger has a strong commitment to ethical and responsible tourism. To ensure the safety and protection of wildlife, they strictly follow park rules and regulations. You can contribute to the conservation of Ranthambore's biodiversity by booking a safari with them.


Book a safari to Ranthambore National Park, and you can witness the beauty of nature as well as spot majestic tigers. Eye of the Tiger is committed to providing a smooth booking experience with exceptional services. This includes personalized assistance from naturalists and comfortable safari vehicles. Eye of the Tiger offers a Ranthambore wildlife safari that you will never forget.