Tackle the Obstacle “MetaMask Unable to Load Balance”

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MetaMask is a wallet where you can store the assets you have purchased as well as you can also transfer them to other wallets or cryptocurrency exchanges.

 There is no doubt that MetaMask has more than 30 million monthly active users and has high popularity among traders and investors. However, this big number can assure you about the seamless services offered by the MetaMask Wallet but guarantee that you’ll never get any obstacles.

Well! This read is also about the same concern as, in this read, we will be discussing the fixes for a quite common concern of the users- “Why does MetaMask say unable to load balance?”. If you are also experiencing the same hurdle, there is nothing to fret about as it is a pretty common hindrance among MetaMask users and could be fixed in just a few simple steps. So, move further to understand the fixes for “MetaMask unable to load balance” as well as the process to accomplish them in detail. 

Troubleshooting Tips for “MetaMask Unable to Load Balance” 

Before proceeding to take any action to resolve your issue, you need to make sure some basic things such as the token address you inputted while transferring the assets was accurate as well as you are using the wallet’s latest version. If this is not the case, you can move ahead by taking the troubleshooting actions mentioned right away. Have a glance.

  • Refresh Your MetaMask Balances:

    First thing, you should do to load fund details is refresh the balances. And, if you are not familiar with “How do I refresh my MetaMask balance?”, let me guide you through it. Open the home screen of your MetaMask Wallet and pick up the account in which you have a balance from the Account Selector button. Now, tap on three dots to open the menu and look for “More Options” further. Here, you’ll get the “Hard Refresh” button, hit on it and it may help you to load your balances.
  • Try Using a Different Blockchain:

    There is a possibility that your default network is facing any problem and that is why your MetaMask unable to load balance. In this case, you should try switching networks by choosing a different network from the dropdown menu of the network selector. 
  • Clear the Cache Cookies:

    This is the most temporary fix but might work if you are having the issue because of any problem with your browser. In this case, you need to press “CTRL + Shift + Del” and afterward by selecting the time range, you can clear all the cache data and cookies of your browser by tapping on “Clear Data”. This may help you in clearing the clutter you are having.

Wrapping It Up!

MetaMask Wallet doesn’t often cause issues, but sometimes you may experience uncommon hurdles such as “MetaMask not working” or “MetaMask unable to load balance” etc. In case, you are experiencing the latter issue, this read will definitely help you out by providing an efficient solution to resolve it. And, if you are still getting the issue, you can simply reach out to the support team of the MetaMask Wallet, address the issue you are facing in detail and they will assist you promptly in clearing the clutter.