How to connect with the support of MetaMask Extension?

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The process to use this platform is quite straightforward, all it takes is a couple of steps to create
a wallet in it after installing a mobile app or browser extension, let’s say MetaMask extension
for Chrome. After creating a wallet, users will be permitted to use all the funct

At the time of using a crypto wallet, the main concern of the users is what will they do when they will face some kind of problem while executing a transaction. In these cases, the first thought that arrives to the mind is how to contact customer support. Though, getting in touch with the support care system is not a difficult task. But if you are new to crypto trading then you would not find the process easy at all.

So, to prepare you for the future we are presenting you this blog, in which we will tell you about the way you can communicate with the support system. Though we are not going to tell you about the communication ways for all the crypto wallets we will discuss just one wallet called MetaMask Extension. So, the users of MetaMask should read about it.

Support modes of MetaMask

As of now, there are only three ways to get in touch with the MetaMask Extension support care system and that is:

  • Community Forums
  • Knowledge base
  • And then the support agent

You can find the answer to your issues within these three modes. Below are some further details about these respective modes of communication:

Knowledge Base

Several blogs have been posted on the page of MetaMask. The blogs are related to some general topics such as how to get started with the MetaMask Extension, the process of sending and receiving crypto, some points about the Secret Recovery Phrase, etc. You can just find the topic that relates to your issue and then you can view the possible solutions for it.

Community Forums

There are some official community forums of the MetaMask through which the users of this wallet can get connected and then communicate the issues they are facing. And if any other user had already faced the same issue in the past then they can tell the steps undertaken by them for resolving the issue.

Support Agent

There is an option for a live chat system through which the users can discuss their issues. And the assistant will provide the solutions to it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this wallet does not have the feature of a live phone call about it.

What if you cannot find the option of Live Chat?

Firstly, you may find the button for live chat. You can easily find that option after clicking the 'Help' option from the menu button. After this a new screen would open and there you will find all the modes of communication that were mentioned in the above section of the blog. Though, looking at the history of MetaMask Extension there is not any single case in which the customer has complained about its customer services.

Concluding Thoughts 

Hence, we hope that with the help of our blog you were able to get connected with the support team immediately and the issues were resolved. Also, in most of the wallets present the support system is usually the same. There is rarely any platform that offers customer service via phone calls. And if your priority is to get the best customer service at the time of need in the form of phone calls then MetaMask Extension is not for you. But it does not mean that its services are not good. You must already know about the customer base of MetaMask. It is one of the most used or preferred crypto wallets available.