What is the difference between various Ledger devices?

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Ledger Nano X is costly it does support both Android and iOS devices and the same could not be said about the Ledger S Plus device.

We already know the difficulty level in selecting a good crypto wallet. Several choices are to be made at the time of crypto wallet selection and the foremost selection is what type of wallet you want to use. There are two types of wallets like software wallets and hardware wallets. If you opt for the software wallet, then you will get a completely different range of wallets and vice versa. So, this blog is for those who have selected hardware wallets. 

In the further content, we have stated the differentiation points between both the ledger devices available in the market. But a point is to be noted that both devices will be set up using Ledger.com/start

Differentiation based on Listed Currencies

Everyone wants a good number of listed cryptocurrencies that will give them a wide range of options to choose from. So, if only the number of listed currencies is the main concern then you should go for the Ledger Nano S Plus. Over 5500 currencies are listed on the Ledger Nano S Plus. But if you are not worried about the currencies then you can opt for the Ledger Nano X. There is not much difference between the total number of listed currencies. On the Ledger X device, you have more than 5000 listed currencies. However, you can track the price changes of all the currencies after downloading the Ledger Live application from the Ledger.com/start link.

Purchase Price

Generally, cost is the main factor when deciding the best hardware wallets. The traders who can afford to purchase a little expensive wallet to avail of some extra features can select Ledger Nano X, which costs around $149. And if you have a little budget-friendly wallet then the Ledger Nano S Plus will be a great choice for you. This wallet only costs around $79. However, you will be able to download the Ledger Live application on both of these wallets via Ledger.com/start. 

Ease of Usability

The users will feel more comfortable using the Ledger Nano X device because of the large touchscreen display. But if you feel comfortable with the small screen then Ledger Nano S Plus would not be a bad choice either. Also, the Ledger Live application would be present to help you in the trading process. And you can easily get the Ledger Live application on your computer device via Ledger.com/start.

Concluding Views!

Both of these wallets are reputable brands so you can choose either one. The users would be beneficial by using either of the wallets. Both of these wallets store the assets in an offline mode, providing them with the best security. Though the Ledger Nano X is costly it does support both Android and iOS devices and the same could not be said about the Ledger S Plus device. But one similarity between them is that both the wallets provide the assistance of a computer application that is to be downloaded from Ledger.com/start during wallet setup.