Minimal downtime and proactive IT service

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security systems monitor your network at all times, and we install all updates automatically to ensure minimal downtime.

When you’re faced with a business-critical IT issue, you need to be secure in the knowledge that your service provider is ready and available to fix it. Ask them about previous times when they’ve had to work to a tight schedule to solve an unexpected crisis, and how long it takes on average for a support ticket to be resolved.

As well as this, not all IT issues can be solved remotely. If you need a field engineer to come and address a problem onsite, how quickly can they respond and will they be prepared enough to solve the problem then and there?

Another thing to consider is how proactive their service is. It’s all very well being able to respond to the issue as they appear, but how about stopping them before they become an issue? With modern analytics tools, and experience dealing with IT issues in a range of different areas and industries, the right IT service company will have the foresight to see and address problems before they arise.

As such, choosing the IT service provider that is right for you is a key business decision – here are some of the things you should consider when switching providers or choosing a new one.

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