What can be done if the MetaMask login doesn't work?

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There could be different situations when you are not able to access MetaMask, its features, or the wallet account that you have created on it. For MetaMask login, it is essential that the browser extension works properly, the internet connectivity on your device is alright, and the login c

However, there are some additional steps you can take in order to make sure that you can easily regain access to your account.

Ways to get rid of issues with MetaMask

Reset your account

Resetting your account can be done in case you are not able to use one or more features of your MetaMask account. For this purpose, what you can do is, go to the "advanced settings" of your account and click on the "reset account" option.

Restore the account

In case you are not able to get into your account even after entering the correct MetaMask login password, then what you can do is use the secret recovery phrase to restore your account. This can be easily done from the main page of the portal by tapping the "restore your wallet" option and following some easy prompts later on.

Check MetaMask website status

If the MetaMask website is undergoing any kind of maintenance or the website is down, you may not be able to log in no matter what you do. So, in the first instance, you just need to wait for some time and let MetaMask servers restore. Thereafter, you can try logging in with the correct MetaMask login credentials.


Whether there is an issue with the MetaMask account login or the MetaMask website itself, the issue can be easily gotten rid of by following the easy directions presented here. Just make sure that you deal with any such problem with patience. Otherwise, you may not be able to recover your account under any circumstances.