How to export Satang Pro’s coin transaction history?

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Satang Pro is the digital asset exchange that is regarded as the beating heart of digital asset exchanges.

Through the website, users may export their coin transaction history, including their deposit and withdrawal history as well as their trading history, as a CSV file. So, if you are also seeking for the same guidance, you are navigating a correct read as we will study the complete process to export Satang Protransaction history. 

Yes! You read it right, whether you want to export your deposit or withdrawal history or you want to export trading history, here we will discuss the process thoroughly one by one.

Acknowledge the way to export the deposit and withdrawal history

In order to complete the process of exporting the deposit and retraction history, all you have to do is follow the steps outlined below properly.

  1. Log into Satang Pro and select "Spot Wallet" from the Wallet menu in the top-right corner.
  2. Hit on the "export" option after selecting "Deposit Withdrawal History".
  3. Select your preferred time range and then click "Export".(Custom dates cannot be longer than three months apart)
  4. Finally, the CSV file will begin downloading automatically.

Your deposit and withdrawal transaction history are successfully exported and now we will proceed further by exploring the way to export trading history.

Process of exporting trading records 

Here are the instructions to navigate to export your trading history. Just do the following.

  1. First and the foremost step is to log in to Satang Pro.
  2. Now choose "Spot Order" from the “Orders” menu available in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Thereafter hit on the "export" option just after selecting "Trade History".
  4. Select the time range that you prefer to export history and then pick up the "Export". (Custom dates cannot be longer than three months apart)
  5. After this, CSV file downloading will begin appropriately.

Congrats! You have completed the trading record exporting process successfully. 

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Final words!

Satang Pro is the digital asset exchange that is regarded as the beating heart of digital asset exchanges. The platform's quality has been steadily elevated by Satang to the greatest level. Along with this, it is providing the best trading experience to its users. 

In this read, I have elaborated on the good-to-go methods to export the transaction history of Satang Pro. I hope, you will be able to perform the given procedure successfully by simply implementing each step carefully.