Be Part of the Grand Toronto Caribana Carnival

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A well known Toronto party ritual is and always will be Barcode Saturdays! The #1 Celebrity party is now located inside of the luxurious NEST Toronto.

Planning to join the oldest cultural carnival in North America this year? Maybe you want to know about the nightlife avenues you have in Toronto.


The Annual Toronto Caribana Party at Barcode Saturdays

Bringing in the best of Toronto Caribana, Barcode Saturdays brings the epic Caribana celebration to Toronto. Join millions of tourists who'll flock in from around the world to witness the carnival in all its glory this year. From the pool parties and nightlife events down to the great parade that flocks the city with colors, joy, and celebratory fever, it's an occasion you simply cannot miss.


Be part of the ultimate hysteria that is about to grip the city from 29th July 2022. Witness the grand parade, which brings colors, cultures, and people together into one big group of ultimate party mania. 


How to Join?

  • Guestlist

Our guest list promises eccentric surprises and offers that are too good to refuse. Ladies get free entry up to 11:30 and get a complimentary bottle of champagne from the house. Sign-up for our guest list and become a part of our annual Caribana party.


  • VIP Bottle Booth

The bottle booth service is for those who want to celebrate the Toronto Caribana night celebrity-style. Our bottle booths come with four choices as per the number of guests to be hosted. What's more, is that you get premium access to our services and house champagnes for an epic night of celebrations.


Don't miss out on the grand event at Barcode Saturdays. Join us for the biggest night in Toronto During the summer and enjoy a memorable event with your family and friends.