Tips for Shipping Goods in Large Quantities

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For those of you who send goods in large quantities, you can choose a trusted expedition service that is equipped

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For those of you who send goods in large quantities, you can choose a trusted expedition service that is equipped with supporting facilities. However, before that you need to understand how to tricks and tips on shipping large and bulky goods. Therefore, the explanation below can be read carefully. Here are the correct tips for shipping large items:

1. Packing Goods Correctly
The first step you have to do in sending goods in large and large quantities is to do the packing correctly. By packing properly, the delivery of goods becomes more secure.

You must be able to pack it firmly, such as using thick cardboard or wooden crates, even if possible using a contrainer. Make sure the goods are properly packaged and protected with cushioning materials such as cardboard or bubble wrap.

2. Using the Meter
In addition to packing, you can calculate the size of the goods. this becomes a very important part in calculating the tariffs in sending large goods. Especially if your item is light but has a large volume you need to measure the dimensions of the package correctly. By knowing the length and width of the package to be sent, you can find out more accurate rates or shipping costs.

3. Weigh Your Items
Apart from using a meter, you can weigh items. It is common knowledge that tariffs are calculated by calculating the weight of the package to be sent.

Delivery of goods is carried out by weighing the unit of Kg-Kilogram or g-gram. The formula is that the heavier the goods sent, the more expensive the shipping costs charged to you.

4. Calculate Rates
Once you know the dimensions, weight of origin and destination of the package address, then you can calculate the rate. These things can be the calculator key to find the shipping rates of the courier you use. Then you can estimate the cost of shipping goods quickly and accurately.

5. Order and Pay
After you are sure of the goods that have been calculated and the estimated tariff, then you can decide to order and pay. Where you can decide on the best shipping service option in your opinion by offering the cheapest rates for shipping large items. SNG Logistic is an easy and cheap expedition service recommendation for you to send large and large quantities of goods.

6. Label Your Items
Before the goods are picked up or delivered to the expedition service, you can label the goods to be sent. If it is packed neatly, add shipping labels such as fragile labels or shipping labels from vinegar for international shipments.

7. Send Your Items
The last stage you can send the facility to a service or use a freight pick-up from SNG Logistics. That way you don't have to bother sending large items to be submitted to the expedition service.

Thus 7 tips and tricks that you can do in sending goods in large and large quantities. If you have done these tips, you can directly contact the expedition service as a cheap Jakarta shipping service.

Cheap and Safe Jakarta Heavy Equipment Delivery Service

Are you looking for heavy equipment delivery services in Jakarta? You can choose an expedition service from SNG Logistics. As mentioned above, SNG Logistics provides various service options including heavy equipment delivery services.

In addition to trusting SNG Logistics, in shipping heavy equipment you need to pay attention to many things, including the following:
Checking Heavy Equipment Manual

The first thing to pay attention to is to check the heavy equipment manual in learning the methods and steps that must be taken in maintaining the delivered heavy equipment so that its performance remains more optimal and avoids damage during the shipping process. Apart from the heavy equipment manual, you can understand it from the official website of the heavy equipment brand you buy there, you will find the best advice in shipping the heavy equipment.

1. Check Heavy Equipment Delivery Permit
Generally, in the expedition of goods there are routes that are not allowed to be traversed by large vehicles, especially regarding heavy equipment via land. Therefore you must know which routes you can take. You also need to know the guidelines and permits for heavy equipment delivery owned by the selected heavy equipment delivery service, such as SNG Logistic.

2. Protect Vulnerable Parts
Generally, in the process of shipping heavy equipment, transportation equipment is used in the form of low bed trailers or other types of pickup trucks. With this condition, the delivered heavy equipment will be vulnerable to sunlight, dust rain or shocks that pose a direct risk during work 

trip process. Therefore, it is very important for you to protect the parts that are prone to problems or easily damaged.

You can protect it by packing in detail and carefully. Protect vital parts of the machine as well as parts that have a high risk of corrosion or decay. Later SNG Logistics will pack carefully to ensure the goods remain safe.

3. Prepare a Place or Large Area for Loading and Unloading
After the points above have been confirmed to be appropriate and appropriate, then the next thing that should not be missed is to provide a large area or place. Where this place will be used to facilitate the process of loading and unloading heavy equipment so that it is safer and more flexible. However, if you don't have your own area, please discuss beforehand with the heavy equipment shipping service you choose, SNG Logistics.

4. Use Insurance
Even if you choose a reliable and qualified cargo service, you should apply for insurance for heavy equipment that is sent, so that the guarantee of goods is safer and safer to the destination.
Of course all the best facilities for shipping heavy equipment are at SNG Logistics.