Earloop Mask Made in China

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Earloop Mask Made in China
Earloop Mask Made in China


Number: YX101
Size: 17.5*9.5cm
Certificate: CE EN14683:2019
Classification: TYPE I
Structure: Flat shape with earloop, 3 ply
Main Material: 30% meltblow non-woven, 70% non-woven fabric (3ply)
10pcs/pack, 25pcs/pack,50pcs/pack,
Carton size: 52*39*36CM鈮?.075m鲁
20ft container鈮?50 cartons , 40ft container鈮?20 cartons, 40H ft container鈮?20 cartons
GW: 9.2KG
Volume weight: 52*39*36/5000鈮?4.6kg by express, 52*39*36/6000鈮?2.2kg by air
Product description
The protective effect is different: the ordinary protective mask is used to filter the air entering the mouth and nose.
In order to prevent harmful gases, odors and droplets from entering the wearer's mouth and nose.
The medical mask has no irritation to the skin.
After disinfection, the pathogenic microorganisms on the transmission vector can be removed.
Effectively isolate pollution sources.
The filtering effect is different: the filtering effect of medical mask is better.
The medical mask will fit closely with the face.
It won't be loose even if you wear it for a long time.Earloop Mask Made in China