Waterproof Bandage Tattoo Swimming made in China

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Waterproof Bandage Tattoo Swimming made in China
Waterproof Bandage Tattoo Swimming made in China


Wuhan Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises which devoted in healthcare product's development, production and sales.
The company is beside the Yangtze River; located in the Yangluo Industrial Park, company has a modern production plant, which is equipped with modern and advanced production lines of medical materials, external plaster, lotion, cream and other pharmaceutical products lines and packaging equipment.
Company has an own independent R D center, we formed a joint open development systems with universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and other related R D institutions; we has maintains close cooperation with Switzerland FORBO, U.S. Rohm Haas鈥?R D experts.
After more than 10 years development, the production capacity of Huawei technology has reached the advanced level in the same industry. Company has obtained ISO9001 and ISO13485 Certificate, and obtained FDA and CE. And also obtained many invention patents in domestic, the products sold fast in Europe USA, southeast Asia , and gained wide reputation from our agency and client.
Enterprise adheres the mission of "focus on green technology, care of life and health", realize the goal of serving the community and benefiting the human health.
Enterprise culture
Service location: build a professional platform of harmonious and healthy industry
Promotion location: Chinese expert of plaster and dressing
Enterprise tenet: Focus on green technology, care of life and health
Enterprise vision: committed to creating a innovation preferred brand of healthy industry, science and technology.
Core value: people first, co-creating and sharing.
Enterprise mission: serve the community and benefit the human health
Brand Concept: Huawei devoted to promote pure, innovative, technological modern healthy philosophy inherited thousands of years of survival wisdom of the traditional Chinese people devoted to innovation and technology, Created a pure product with the influence of the times, The perfect embodiment of the enlightenment is a kind of the spiritual exploration, which is straightforward intuitionWaterproof Bandage Tattoo Swimming made in China