Mobile DR cost

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Mobile DR cost
Mobile DR costMobile DR cost


Features of our Mobile DR System
1.Wisdom in the core, wisdom in the type, peace in the heart
2.High-power design, high-performance endurance battery
3.Excellent performance, excellent image, flexible configuration, green and safe
4.High-quality DR imaging System
Superior performance
1.Traditional and classical structure makes the operation of each shooting part accurate and simple..
2.Perfect DR imaging System.
3.Linkage movement, automatic tracking.
4.Automatic tracking of location parameters, same screen display, simple operation, accurate.
5.The Mobile DR Radiography System is equipped with a high sensitivity amorphous silicon detector, low dose, low noise, ultra-high dynamic, super environmental adaptability, lasting stability.
6.Our mobile DR xray machine with the superior DR system in radiology
Many kinds of Flat Panel Detector can be used our DR mobile radiography system
Typea-Si+ Csl
Image size(cm)23.9*30.5cm35*43cm43*43cm43*43cm108*43cm
10*12 Inch14*17 Inch17*17 Inch17*17 Inch43*17 Inch
Pixel pitch(渭m)77140
Pixels Matrix2048*17922560*30723072*30723072*30727680*3072
spatial resolution6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm3.6 LP/mm
Frame rate
15fps(2*2) 25fps(3*3)
Battery stand by6H7H7H7H6H
Dimensions (cm)32.85*26.85*1.538.3*46*1.546*46*1.546*46*1.5111.5*47.1*1.5
Water tightnessIP56IP54IP54IPX3IPX3
Excellent clinical images of our digital mobile imaging machineMobile DR cost