How to Survive a Road Trip with an Infant

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A road trip with an infant is not the easiest thing to do. But sometimes you can’t avoid it and have to hit the road with your young one.

A road trip is a great way to unwind and just disengage from the normal daily routine which at times takes a toll on us. But when you have an infant to bring along, you will have to tinker a little bit with the preparations and distance you intend to cover. These little ones change the whole dynamics to cater to their big demands.

Like all other trips, this trip too will require a comfortable means of transportation. You can either use your car or rent one. If you settle on renting, use to shop for car rental opportunities on your ideal car, keeping in mind this is one trip you may need a spacious vehicle due to the luggage you are expected to carry to cater for the young one. There are car rental for 10 passengers or even more, so a nice comfortable car for you and your kid won't be difficult to find.

With your means of movement sorted, it's now time to head out and hit the road. Below we share a few tips on how you will survive with your infant on this trip.

Drive when the baby takes a nap

Babies between the ages of 4-5 months usually nap in 90-minute intervals and this can be two to three times a day. So if you have established a sleeping schedule for them you can take advantage of it and drive while they are sound asleep in the back and pull over to entertain or feed them when they wake up. This can ensure you cover some considerable distance during their nap time.

Pack as little as possible

You probably won't be doing a lot so you won't need much. You can carry a few pieces of clothing that you can mix and match to come up with different outfits. For the baby, you can bring out a handful of clothing. You can decide to do a little bit of laundry when you run out of clothing along the way. Remember to bring a water-tight clothing bag too.

Don't pack too many toys

You may get the temptation to bring along several of their toys only to find them distracted because of the change in environment and even prefer playing with water bottles and plastic cups instead. You may bring two or three of their favorites, instead of bringing along a whole bunch of them.

Maintain your sleep arrangements

Try to keep to your sleeping arrangements. If you co-sleep, continue with it. If the baby sleeps on their own, make arrangements for their travel crib. Some hotels offer them. This will ensure after the trip your kid doesn't have problems going back to their earlier sleep arrangements which can take time. This rule is not cast in stone though, and you may make some exceptions and try to enjoy some family time together.

Eat during the in-between times

Look up restaurants that don't close between lunch and dinner. This will be your ideal time to have a proper meal. 3 pm is a good time to have lunch, most restaurants are almost empty now and the few people around can be a little patient with your baby if they are noisy or fussy, plus you can even have your most preferred sitting location.

Keep a bedtime routine

A consistent bedtime routine is essential for your baby. Ensure the road trip doesn't interfere with it. Most bedtime routines-a bath, a story, and then sleep can still happen on the road. You can also pack their crib sheet to make the environment even more familiar. 


A road trip with an infant is not the easiest thing to do. But sometimes you can’t avoid it and have to hit the road with your young one. After packing, getting a comfortable and efficient means of transportation will be essential. There are many USA cars for rent companies you can rent a car from and getting a child-friendly one won't be difficult. Get one and head out putting in mind the few tips we have discussed.