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Whenever a violent crime is committed against a current or former spouse, current or former fiance or fiancee, current or former dating partner, or the other parent of the defendant's child, the act can be charged under domestic violence. Domestic violence charges are severe and may result in lengthy jail time, exorbitant fines, and the inability to ever have family relationships.

Domestic violence lawyer Orange County Mr. Binoye Jos can help. If you're charged with domestic violence, we understand that it's a very stressful and demanding period in your life. You must hire an experienced defense attorney well-versed in criminal law to help you reach the best possible outcome for your case. If you've been charged with Domestic Violence, ensure that your rights are preserved with the best domestic violence lawyer in Orange County, Mr. Binoye Jos.

Domestic Violence Penalties in California
When a person is convicted of domestic violence in Orange County, they must go through a probationary Batterer's Treatment Program for a year. This is also accompanied by fines, along with the issuance of a protective order whereby the defendant can't have any contact with the victim of the abuse. Protective orders are usually issued while the case is still pending in court.

The protective order is usually issued for a period of three years, which can only be changed by request for modification of Orders before the court. The judge will want certain conditions to be met before he grants the request.

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