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Parents want the best for their children, especially when the parents are about to separate due to a divorce. While custodianship and visitations ensure the child's emotional well-being, an appropriate child support structure ensures that your children are financially provided for. This is the job of a child support lawyer Orange County.

At the law office of Mr. Binoye Jos, we've represented parents in child support disputes for decades now. We have the right expertise to understand your case and deliver the best possible results for them. 

What is Child Support? 

Child support is the amount of money that one parent or both parents are ordered to pay to cover the monthly expenses of the children on a monthly basis. A family court judge decides the exact amount of child support based on state-specific guidelines. 

How is Child Support Calculated in California?

The judge takes into consideration several factors to determine the net disposable income of the parents. They're:

· Both parent's income after taxes
· Retirement contributions of both parents
· Union dues of both parents
· Current amount of child support
· Health premiums
· Cost to raise children from another relationship 
· Other sources of earnings

There are also instances when the court may deviate from these guidelines and order additional support or reduce the amount of support based on a few other factors. These factors may include a deferred sale of a family residence, current support payments that exceed the child's needs, or a parent's low income. 

Trust Certified Child Support Lawyer Orange County

Mr. Binoye Jos can represent both sides  in a child support dispute. He can help maximize or minimize your child support order through skilled court litigation. 

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