Shiitake Fortune Telling: A mystical art by Mr. Shiitake

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Shiitake fortune-teller media . It provides free fortune-telling and information centered on romance columns.

The art of fortune-telling is a mystical one, isn’t it?

Everyone everywhere is interested in discovering future events at some specific point in their lives.

We are all living in world of possibilities where the impossible isn’t hard to find. With the art of divination, it is not that difficult to predict your future. One such name which comes into mind is the famous Shiitake Fortune Teller, who goes by the name Mr. Shitake.

In today’s blog, we will be taking a closer look at the process of Mokomokai and some of the teachings by Mr. Shiitake for Aries for the year Horoscope 2023.

What is Mokomokai?

Shiitake mushrooms have been used for fortune-telling in Japan for centuries, especially during the New Year. The practice is called "mokomokai," and it involves cutting the stem of a shiitake mushroom in a particular way and then interpreting the pattern that is revealed to predict the person's fortune for the coming year.

The patterns on the stem are said to resemble various symbols that have specific meanings. For example, a spiral shape is said to indicate a good harvest or financial success, while a straight line is said to indicate a lack of change or a difficult year ahead. However, it is important to note that the use of Shiitake fortune telling is not scientific, rather it is a form of folkloric custom. 

Let us now take a look at what Mr.Shiitake has said about Aries’s horoscope for the year 2023.

Mr.Shitake’s take on fortune telling

Mr. Shitake starts his storytelling by greeting his followers in his own unique way by referring to them as Shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake fortune telling is written by sensing the “wind from the outside.” He talks about the way the wind moves around a specific person and predicts which particular areas he or she should avoid.

The main point that Mr. Shiitake is trying to say is that the only thing that matters is the “wind that wakes up from within.” He talks about how the wind is on the side of those who move on their own. This is the biggest breakthrough after all. But you shouldn’t be scared whether you are unsure of yourself at some specific point in your life or if you are working on yourself and have a goal you want to achieve you should know that you are stronger than you look.

According to Mr. Shiitake’s Shiitake fortune telling he states that one should enjoy themselves, speak loudly, meet a variety of new people and eat delicious food. “What you have to do” will only come after you have enjoyed your life to the fullest so go out there and create a “new history” that only you can create.


Shiitake fortune telling is a great way to check your fortune and you can easily avail it online. Anyone can simply visit the horoscope section of the official page and from there you can read Mr. Shiitake’s talks about various different horoscopic signs.

So till next time take care and happy fortune