Who Invented Fiber Optics

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People talk about fiber optic cable, not realizing that these aren't the standard wires. Fiber optics are long and thin strands of glass. The glass is pure, and they are no thicker than a human hair.

Fiber optic was once known as "Optical Waveguide Fibers" and was invented by Peter Schultz, Donald Keck, and Robert Maurer. It has the capability of carrying 65,000 times more information than standard copper wires. Their invention changed the way we use fiber optics, and they enabled fiber optics to be commercialized, between the telephone service and the internet. Fiber optics are even used in medical industries for equipment like the endoscope.

The best-known solution for internet communications today is fiber optics. Fiber optic internet is requested more than any other type because of the speed in which the connection can travel. Fiber optic internet also has lower latency than other known technologies. With the right conduits deploying fiber optic internet, it can last up to fifty years. The best bit is that it doesn't cost too much to replace, which is a big concern for many deciding whether it's a good investment for their business.

Fiber optic internet allows you to surf online through fiber optic cables in either plastic or glass. The wires work to send data to and from your business through light pulses, keeping you connected at high speed.

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