Understanding what is Safuux chain

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SafuuX Chain is a standalone, fast and secure blockchain that enables developers the use of smart contracts through EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

The cryptocurrency industry is at its peak and has attracted a great number of crypto investors and traders. After witnessing the success of this industry, many entrants stepped into this world, with new concepts, features, and unique facilities/services. One such newcomer in this realm is the Safuu. 

This entrant comes with some exceptional features that are hard to believe to date. It carries with it the bulk of rewards and works on a cornerstone principle that adds pace to the crypto trade and investment mechanism. You might have also heard of the same and are aware of the general features and nature of this portfolio. 

So, here in this read, we will try to learn something different from what you have learned to date. Apart from the basic concepts and introduction, we will dive into the concept of the Safuux chain, what it is, and its common attributes.

What is the Safuux chain?

It is an autonomous, fast, and secure blockchain relating to cryptocurrencies that enable developers to use smart contracts through Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It depends on the Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus, which enables shorter block time with much cheaper transaction fees. 

Due to the Ethereum expansion, over the past years, more adoption started taking place, which caused network congestion to the infrastructure. This network congestion started to impact the network adversely and cases of slower transaction speeds were recorded. Not only this, but the complaints of the high gas fee were also admitted. Looking at all these issues, there emerged a need for resolution. There comes its native coin which is used to pay off the gas fees, validator staking, and block rewards.

A look at the Safuux chain attributes

After having a brief of the Safuux chain, we will step next to check its basics. The lineaments of this chain are as laid under:

  • EVM Compatible: Undoubtedly, Ethereum is the first and the most widely acceptable smart contract platform to date. To take advantage of a larger community and mature applications, this platform decided to become compatible with the Ethereum Mainnet. This action was taken to make sure that the tools and applications that work with Ethereum are compatible to work with this platform also.
  • Staking and Governance: More flexible options are given to the community through a staking-based consensus PoSA. This ensures to provide users an eco-friendly, improved performance, faster block time, and transaction fees as compared to Proof of Work (PoW), as it demands high consumption of power.
  • Full Node composition: The chain is designed with several complete nodes. A segment of the full node is designed to serve as the validator for a single epoch. These nodes are elected based on the amount of staked SFX (native coin).


The above read was crafted to give you more information than the basic one. Several well-recognized wallets are compatible to work with Safuu because of their amazing composition. It doesn’t directly interact with the Ethereum chain, unlike others.