Kingdom Valley rawalpindi Home is a housing

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Kingdom Valley rawalpindi Home is a housing society located in the Kingdom Valley of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Kingdom Valley rawalpindi Home is a housing society located in the Kingdom Valley of Islamabad, Pakistan. It was established by Mr. Rizwan Hussain.

The community comprises three buildings with a total of 300 apartments which are fully furnished and equipped with all modern facilities. The community also has a playground, a library, cafeteria, meeting rooms, indoor games and gymnasium etc.

The basement of each building contains shops where the residents can buy groceries or small items directly from the shopkeepers without going to any other place (except those who have their own cars). There is also an open gymnasium where people can work out whenever they like.

In the Kingdom Valley there are four primary schools: Larkana Heights, Tando Ghari School for Girls, Shaheen Janubi High School and Madina Public Islamic Girls High School. These schools provide education from classes 1-5 at both primary and secondary levels respectively.

Kingdom valley islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad was built in the year 1984 and it is one of the best neighborhoods in Islamabad. It has a very beautiful environment with green spaces and gardens, which makes it more convenient for families to live here. The apartments are spacious and have all modern facilities that you would need to live a comfortable life here.

Kingdom valley islamabad has many schools and colleges around it, so you can easily find your children studying at one of these places if they want to continue their education after moving into this area!

Medium density housing

Kingdom Valley is located in the heart of the city, near to all major towns and markets. The society is a premium residential society with a gated community, 24x7 security and emergency response systems.

Water storage

Water storage is a key part of the water supply system. It helps in storing excess rainwater and snowmelt, which can be used during dry seasons. In case there is a drought, the water stored in tanks will be used for domestic purposes such as drinking, washing clothes etc., instead of relying on rainfall alone.

The reservoirs are important because they provide enough water for farms and other industries like sugar mills during dry seasons. The reservoirs also help control floods that cause loss of life and property when it rains heavily after heavy summer showers or if there’s a sudden cloudburst from nearby hills/mountains or rivers overflowing due to heavy rainfalls

Green initiatives

In addition to the standard amenities and services, Kingdom Valley offers green initiatives that help keep the environment clean. These include:

  • Green building technologies that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions while reducing water use and waste output.
  • Green transportation solutions, such as electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid cars, public transit systems and more.
  • Green spaces such as parks where families can enjoy recreational activities together.


Kingdom Valley islamabad has a number of schools, including:

  • Kingdom Valley Public School (KVPS) - A private school in the neighborhood that provides education up until class 12th grade. It is located at our community and offers students an exciting learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities. KVPS also offers boarding facilities for its students who wish to live away from home during their academic year or vacations.
  • Muhammadiyah Primary School - This public school was established in 1927 by Muslim Education Committee (MEC) and it serves as one of five primary schools within Kingdom Valley Islampur Barapullah City Corporation, which is one of Islamabad's most populated suburbs with around three million residents living there as well as thousands more coming every day because it's such a popular place! The school provides education from Kindergarten up through Class Five; however there are plans underway for expansion so we hope someday soon when construction begins again then maybe even seventh grade will be added too :) .


Parkland is a public park or open space in which people can enjoy recreational activities, such as sports and leisure. A parkland may also be used for public events, such as festivals or concerts.


Formalities are very important in real estate. The need for formalities and their importance cannot be overemphasised. A house is only as good as the people who live within it, so it's important that you take care of all your responsibilities by following the rules and regulations set by your society.

Other facilities

Other facilities include:

  • Parking space for residents of the society.
  • Playgrounds for children to play in.
  • Public transport facilities such as buses, taxis and rickshaws that run frequently through the area.
  • Schools within walking distance from Kingdom Valley's gates that cater to all levels of education from nursery schools to universities (the nearest school is 15 minutes away).