How to send money through Login using Zelle?

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Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational financial services company with corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California; operational headquarters in Manhattan


Do you ever need to pay your part to a friend while having dinner? Or do you ever go to a family function without a gift and want to settle the situation by sending the gift price?

Well! You may handle these situations with cash but what if you don’t have cash? Don’t think it is an unusual situation because it is the most common situation probably everyone faces it once in a while.

But, no matter what the situation is, anytime whenever you need to send money online to a friend, family or a small vendor, I have a solution for you.

Seems fantastic, Right?

But, this read is for Wells Fargo users, so it is mandatory to have a Wells Fargo account in the U.S. If you are fulfilling this criterion, you can proceed further to get the intact method of sending your funds by login.

What is Zelle?

If you want to send money using your Wells Fargo account, you should be aware of the term “Zelle” as this is the platform which is used by Wells Fargo to send or receive money to or from small businesses or people in a quick and safe manner.

Now, we will dive into the detailed step-by-step process of sending money to someone else.

Steps to enroll and send funds using a Wells Fargo account

  1. First of all, open the official website of Wells Fargo and click on the “Sign on” button.
  2. After successfully doing the login, navigate to the toolbar.
  3. Here, you’ll see an icon for “Pay and Transfer”, click it.
  4. Now, pick up the “Send Money” button labelled with “Zelle”.
  5. Have a look at the financial scams that may arise on the following page and hit “Got it”.
  6. Next, press “Get Started” to proceed further.
  7. Go through the terms and conditions and provide your consent to them by clicking “Accept”.
  8. On this page, you’ll be asked to enter the mobile number or email address of the recipient.
  9. After inputting the detail, click the arrow to proceed and meanwhile, you’ll get the verification code on your email address.
  10. Copy that code, paste it where asked and click “Verify”.
  11. Pick up the account from where you want to transfer money and press “Save”.
  12. Now, click “Send or Request” “OK”.
  13. After this, click on the “+” icon and fill out the recipient details on the following page.
  14. Hit “Continue”, check the box after going through the instructions and press “Continue”.
  15. Enter the amount that you want to send, fill in the other needed details and select “Review”.
  16. After verifying the details click on the “Send” button to finalize the transfer.

Bottom Line!

Wells Fargo allows its customers to enroll and make use of the Zelle platform if they are U.S. residents and have savings or a checking Wells Fargo account. So, with the help of this read, you can easily avail of the facility of sending money online after a Wells Fargo login. There is a piece of advice that please only make transfers with the persons or businesses you know well and trust them.