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E Bicycle manufacturers Bike weight: 65kg Size: 10 inches Color: white, silver/red, silver/blue, black Motor power: 1800 (w) Vehicle size: 1810*700*1120 (mm) Loading weight: 400kg Top speed: 55 (km/h) Maximum power: 1.8kw Brake system: main board front disc and rear drum Electric volt 48V60V72V LED headlights, tire thickening and widening tubeless tire, shock absorption, high-quality hydraulic shock absorption, battery, Tianneng battery, instrument, full-screen high-definition LCD instrument, seat cushion, high-end sponge cushion Specification 60V20A+ endurance 120 miles 72V20A+ endurance 150 miles 72V32A+ endurance 220 miles 72V20A lithium battery (battery required) + 160 miles of endurance 72V30A lithium battery (battery can be requested) Battery life 72V45A lithium battery (battery can be requested) + 350 miles of battery life 72V60A lithium battery (removable battery) +500 miles of battery life Model: electric motorcycle d48E Bicycle manufacturers website:http://www.sgbmountainbike.com/e-bicycle/