Customized Dry Drum Separators

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Customized Dry Drum Separators Hesha dry separator CTGS series permanent magnetic cylinder dry separator is a kind of river sand dry separator, which is used to select iron in sandstone mine. The equipment has compact structure, can separate sand and gravel, good effect, less tailings flow tail, high concentrate grade, large processing capacity, simple installation and debugging, and is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving mineral processing equipment. The river sand dry separator is mainly composed of round steel screen, silo, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, high intensity magnetic drum and separating funnel. The river sand is fed into the silo by the loader and enters into the silo through the circular steel screen, which is a large mud block. The waste rocks (cobbles) are screened through a circular steel screen at the top. The lower part of the charging box is equipped with a vibrating feeder. The vibrating feeder distributes the raw mineral material evenly to the surface of the magnetic drum. The ferromagnetic material is attracted to the surface of the magnetic drum due to the magnetic force, and the iron powder particles roll rapidly on the surface of the magnetic drum. With the rotation of the drum, it is brought into the concentrated liquid in the separating funnel, and then it falls into the belt conveyor and is transported to the right. Weak magnetic tailings (river sand) are thrown forward due to inertia, so as to achieve the purpose of classification. The magnetic drum is installed on the head of the belt conveyor, and the magnetic system is adjusted within the working range through the cycloid pin wheel reducer, and the clamping device is added, which is convenient to adjust, flexible and reliable. The round steel screen screens out bulk materials to prevent large materials from blocking the outlet of the silo. There is a movable gate at the outlet of the silo, which is used to adjust the thickness of the feed. Baffle plates are installed on both sides of the round steel sieve plate to prevent materials from overflowing from the box. The vibrating feeder can spread the material evenly on the belt conveyor, and the strong magnetic roller can separate the ore from the material.Customized Dry Drum Separators website: