Cope Directo - Generalist Radio in Spain

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Cope Directo is one of the top generalist radio stations in Spain. It offers live content, music and informational programs. The station's origins lie within the Catholic Church.

Among its features are free streaming and online contact. Users can sign up for news updates, interact with the station's staff and connect with other followers on social networking sites at

COPE Directo has over 230 frequencies across the country. They broadcast religious and political programs, as well as informational content. In the past, the station focused on a religious theme, but in recent years it has become more mainstream.

COPE has been around since the 1960s. Today, it is owned by Conferencia Episcopal Espanola. One of its notable incarnations is the COPE app for iOS and Android devices. Not only does it offer on-demand content, it also lets users share their favorite programs with friends and family.

COPE also offers one of the most comprehensive social media presences in the business. Users can engage with the station through Twitter and Facebook. A chatbot has been incorporated into the site. Another feature is its ability to alert users of new and interesting content.

The COPE app is free to download and use. It is designed to be simple, functional and easy to navigate. Users can search for a show by name, genre or location. The station even provides free music and sports news.

In addition to its usual programing, COPE offers the best of its kind in the form of a chatbot. Users can access the platform via Messenger, Twitter or Facebook.